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While Elizabeth works with a limited number of private clients at any given time, almost anyone can work with her through her celebrated online courses in order to  to get their book written, published, and launched. Explore the different options below.


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If you're ready to stop (over)thinking and start writing, this masterclass was created just for you...

In just 45 minutes, you will start writing your book (or re-start, if you've been in procrastination mode).


Core Online Courses

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33-Day Writing Bootcamp

You've wanted to write a book for years. You're excited for your story to make an impact in someone else's life. 

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Publish A Profitable Book

Publish an impactful book that is indistinguishable in quality from the New York Times bestseller that may be sitting next to it. 

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From Manuscript to Market

Your book is available, and you need some sales! This course will show you how to go from feeling invisible to having a list of loyal readers.

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What Clients and Industry Veterans Have to Say...

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Mike Young

Elizabeth and her coaching finally helped me get [my book] out of my head and into something I could share with the world. If you feel stuck like I did, Elizabeth's coaching is exactly what you need to get your book written, published, and launched. 

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Jenna McCarthy

There is no more knowledgeable, hard-working, or supportive resource in self-publishing than Elizabeth. I highly recommend her!

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J.L. Martin

Publish A Profitable Book changed the course of my career. I signed up 3 years ago and now have 9 published books that can sit on a shelf with any NYT bestseller. Elizabeth's courses provide all you need to publish successfully and professionally.