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Hi! I'm Elizabeth...

I'm a 6X author, and I help people write & publish powerful books that readers can't put down


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"There is no more knowledgeable, hard-working or supportive resource in independent publishing than Elizabeth. I highly recommend her."

Jenna McCarthy
Co-author of The Size of Everything (and 16 other books)

"I thought I could get my book done on my own. But it just wasn’t happening. Elizabeth and her coaching finally helped me get it out of my head and into something I can share with the world. If you feel stuck like I did, Elizabeth's programs are exactly what you need to get your book written, published and launched."

Mike Young
Author, Made Over: How to Create a Powerful Brand that Will Transform Your Business and Save Your Life

"Publish A Profitable Book changed the course of my career. I signed up 3 years ago, and now have 9 published books that can stand on a shelf with any NYT bestseller. Elizabeth's courses provide all you need to publish successfully and professionally along with unbelievable support (which is almost impossible to find these days). She has quickly become my favourite person in the industry."

J.L. Martin
Author, The Golden Glow Chronicles

One thing I know is... really want to write a book (it's why you're here, after all!).


Every time you sit down to work on it, overwhelm takes over. 

Maybe you don't even get to the point where you sit down to work on it (because overwhelm took over).


You've written the book, but you're terrified to take the next step (and therefore keep saying, "It's not quite finished yet. I need to review it just one more time"). 


Your book is out in the world, but it's not having the reach and impact you know it could. Maybe sales have hit a plateau since that first big release. 

You know your story is special.

It can inform, entertain, or outright transform others. And it can allow for new and exciting opportunities for YOU.

So why the heck are you so stuck? 

I'll tell you why (and it has nothing to do with whether your story is good enough, whether you've got the perfect title, or how many followers you don't yet have on social media)...

It's because, quite simply, writing, publishing, and launching a book is outside your comfort zone and/or area of expertise. That's it! 

Despite what you may think, you don't need a perfectly unique story (one doesn't exist)...

...or the perfect launch day

...or to start dancing on a new social media platform (especially if you don't want to!). 

You don't need to wait for a steady, unrelenting stream of confidence. 

And you sure as hell don't need validation from the "right" people (whoever they are)! 

What you need is some direction along with a knowledgeable, experienced, supportive partner who will get you to the finish line. Someone who understands your sometimes discombobulated thought processes and illogical fears. Because she's had them herself. 


I’m here to help.


I'm a 6X author, and I've published dozens of other authors' books over the past five years. 

BUT...even though I am obsessed with backstories and words, the book industry can drive me a bit crazy!

It bothers me that:

🚫 The focus is on the (apparent) size of one's platform, because books impact the world one reader at a time.

🚫 People with incredible stories and story ideas think they can't write and publish a book because they aren't "writers."

🚫 People don't have the support of a community that has diverse goals but is experiencing the exact same concerns when it comes to accomplishing them.  

As a result, I created the Publish A Profitable Book platform to simplify the process, put authors back in control, and provide the support they crave.

I've published 6 books of my own (plus 50+ for clients), and I help others write and publish profitable books they are immeasurably proud of.

People like Deborah, an executive coach who wanted to write about the journey through her son's heroin addiction.

… or Janet, a successful hypnotherapist and licensed social worker with years of experience but no idea where to start when it came to sharing her expertise through a book.

... or Elizabeth, who wanted to share her story of overcoming domestic violence but was concerned that someone would get upset with her for sharing her story.

... or Mary, who wrote an incredible debut novel but had no idea how to self-publish without looking like an amateur

... or Jodi, who also wrote an amazing debut novel but was overwhelmed by the editing and publishing components. 


One of my favorite moments, in fact, is hearing clients say, "What the heck took me so long, and what was I so afraid of?" 


If you’ve started and stopped umpteen times, I likely know why. 

I understand the patterns behind what's stopped you (and is keeping you stuck there).

I understand the thought processes that are keeping you frozen without you even realizing it (and how to reframe them).


It's time to finally get your book written and published so that your book can impact someone else exactly as it was intended to! 

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