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From book writing, publishing, and marketing myths and misconceptions to practical tips and sound strategies, 6x author, book writing coach, book editor, and founder of Finn-Phyllis Press is here to help you untangle the process (and yourself). 

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Writing an un-put-downable book takes time, but you’re not on this adventure alone. Each week on the Write the Damn Book Already Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • Real stories of book writing and publishing from self-published, hybrid publishing, and traditionally published authors (it's like an unscripted reality show around here, because you deserve to understand how it all really goes down!)
  • Answers and guidance from Elizabeth and other publishing industry experts on your most pressing writing & publishing questions and "stuck" points
  • Resources, strategies, and actionable tips to get your book written, published, and launched so you can become someone else's favorite author!

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The Face Behind the Voice

Elizabeth Lyons

6x author, book writing coach, book editor, and founder of Finn-Phyllis Press

With nearly two decades in the publishing industry, Elizabeth will guide you through the writing and publishing process with both passion and compassion (and a bit of a nudge when you need it!). She believes the world, and everyone in it, is transformed one story at a time. 

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"Listening in on this podcast is like having a chat with your best friend. Real. Raw. Full of wisdom and experience."

Margo Reilly, author (and podcast guest)

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