Your step-by-step guide to self-publishing a book that's indistinguishable in quality from books published by "the big guys"  

(while retaining your rights, maximizing your profits, and shortening your time to market!)   

with 6X author Elizabeth Lyons


"This course is worth every penny. I'd be lost without it!"

Mary Belle
Author, Vivi Il Momento

"Elizabeth’s publishing guidance was exactly what I needed. She took something that felt complicated and overwhelming and distilled it into straightforward, easy-to-follow steps. Plus, her pre-order process got my book 480 pre-orders before launch day! "

Allie Hill
Author of The Girlfriends' Guide to Empty Nesting

"Publish A Profitable Book changed the course of my career. I signed up 3 years ago and now have 9 published books that can stand on a shelf with any NYT bestseller. The course provides all you need to publish successfully and professionally, along with unbelievable support (which is almost impossible to find these days). Elizabeth has become my favourite person in the industry."

J.L. Martin
Author, The Golden Glow Chronicles

First, a message from Elizabeth...

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You've written a great book you believe readers will love......

You've put your heart and soul into every word, and now that it's finished, you don't want it to live only on your laptop. You're excited to get it out there and await the opportunities that become available as a result. have NO IDEA how to get it published!

You're probably thinking:

  • "I'd publish it myself if I knew how to do it correctly (but I have no idea¬†how to do it correctly)."
  • "Every website tells me something different, and not wanting to make the 'wrong' choice is keeping me from making any choice!"¬† ¬†
  • I'll go through a few more rounds of edits (even though I've been through 38 already), and then I'll consider publishing it."¬†
  • "Maybe one day, a big publisher will come along and want to publish it. That would certainly be easier." (Sidenote: it probably won't be easier.)


  • You see others publishing books left and right and wonder, "What do they know that I don't?"¬†
  • You believe your book would be¬†loved by the same people who are out there buying everyone else's books in the same genre (if only it were available for purchase).
  • You fantasize about the¬†many opportunities that could be available to you as a published author: speaking on podcasts, having book signings (where you might actually enjoy people-ing), reaching more clients for your business, speaking at events, or¬†even writing more books!

But first, you need to figure out how to get your book out of "draft" and into "published!"

Let me assure you...

The only REAL problem you have is: you don't know what steps to follow to publish a book that's no different in quality from a NYT bestseller (while retaining all rights, earnings, and creative control).

‚õĒÔłŹ You do not need the validation of a "big name" publishing house to make your dream of being the¬†published author of an impactful book a reality.¬†


✅ What you do need is to know EXACTLY what to do and how to walk step-by-step toward your goal so you can connect with the thousands of people who can't wait to read the book you've written (even if they don't yet know it exists).


In fact, I was once EXACTY where you are right now...

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth. In 2002, after one too many agents said, "We don't believe in your book" (okay, that's not exactly what they said, but it's what I heard), I wondered, "How hard could it be to just do it myself?" Famous last words, but I was determined as heck. 

I spent years in perpetual "figure it out" mode, learned the ins and outs of publishing.  

One¬†goal critical to my success was figuring out how to publish a book that looked and felt exactly like one the "big guys" would publish‚ÄĒwithout spending tens of thousands of dollars or going gray any more prematurely than I already was.¬†

After several years, I realized that my adventures learning to navigate the book publishing industry, combined with my love of connecting with and guiding others, put me in a position to help other aspiring authors stop believing that traditional publishing is the only way.

I wanted to help them take control of their career as authors, get their books published while retaining 100% of their rights (and earnings), and be excitedly curious about what new doors might open as a result. 


(I don't recommend the "flying by the seat of your pants" part‚ÄĒespecially when there's a less stressful way!)

I've gained valuable insights that consistently save new authors time and money (not to mention sanity).


I began working directly with aspiring authors through my book writing programs, expanded Finn-Phyllis Press into an independent publishing house, and launched a successful podcast titled Write the Damn Book Already, which details the real behind-the-scenes experiences of authors (whether independently or traditionally published).


(Think of it as Real Authors of the World...without quite as much drama as a Bravo franchise.) 


And because I'm such a fan of DIY (check my Instagram feed for proof), I packaged all my publishing steps (the same steps I take to publish my own books as well as Finn-Phyllis Press authors' books) into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step course that can help YOU become the published author you dream of being.


From speaking engagements to 1:1 and group coaching programs to TV appearances and product partnerships, being a published author has opened more personal and professional doors than I ever imagined possible.


Receiving thoughtful¬†emails from readers admitting they laughed their way through a particular chapter or thanking me for reminding them that they aren't the only one who feels like giving up or eating an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting never ceases to remind me that each of our stories benefits someone else‚ÄĒand that fact alone makes them ALL worth telling.


THAT'S why it's so important to me to help you get your book published. There are people waiting to hear exactly what you have to say, and not knowing how to navigate the process shouldn't continue to hold you back. 



You can ABSOLUTELY publish a book that's indistinguishable in quality from a New York Times bestseller without:


  • Spending hours and hours slogging around the how-do-I-publish-a-high-quality-book rabbit holes¬†
  • Investing thousands of dollars in book publishing add-ons you don't need
  • Having¬†a massive following¬†on social media or a¬†huge email list


All you need to know is which steps to take (and which to avoid) so you don't fall into the same "high expectations/low reward" traps many first-time authors fall into.



I wanted to help aspiring authors publish a book that: 

‚ėĎÔłŹ Is so high in quality that no one will know it wasn't published by "the big guys"

‚ėĎÔłŹ Readers can't wait to dive into, can't put down, and consistently recommend to others

‚ėĎÔłŹ Makes you wonder, "Why didn't I do this sooner?" 


"As an indie author with a large social media following, I‚Äôve been pitched by quite a few coaches and book/publishing consultants. Elizabeth was the only one who literally didn‚Äôt pitch at me at all, and who didn‚Äôt hesitate for even a second to show me her real book sales figures when I asked. In a sea of ‚Äúexperts‚ÄĚ that never seem to be able to show me what they‚Äôve actually accomplished, Elizabeth‚Äôs willingness to be transparent, authentic, and honest about what she can and can‚Äôt do has been a real breath of fresh air. "

Drew Linsalata
Author, The Anxious Truth

"Working with Elizabeth has been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend that anyone considering a writing project to partner with Elizabeth. I certainly could not have a published book with out her!"

Kara Forney
Author, Boy Moms & founder of The Bump and Guygiene


  • Over 1 million titles¬†will be independently published this year.
  • Indie¬†authors are¬†publishing the highest number of books (across all genres)
  • The majority of books sold are NOT carried¬†by traditional bookstores (60-80% of consumers purchase their books from Amazon).
  • 56% of authors who are business owners report that having a published book has had a ‚Äústrong to very strong‚ÄĚ influence on¬†attracting ideal clients.¬†
  • Thanks to social media and increased distribution options, independent authors¬†are earning¬†unlimited, long-term income from book sales. In fact, a 2023 ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) survey revealed that "independent authors earn on average more than authors published by traditional houses."


Through Publish A Profitable Book, you can finally get out of your own way so you can turn your manuscript into a top-quality published book.



The PPB course shares with you the EXACT process I use to publish my own books as well as Finn-Phyllis Press authors' books.

Draw upon my 20 years of experience so you can focus your time and energy on publishing an incredible book readers can't wait to get their hands on (without wasting precious time and money figuring out the process on your own).  

How to find a kickass editing partner who will polish your words so they shine like the top of the Chrysler building. (Because no, you don't have to be a grammar or spelling expert to write a phenomenal book.)

Know how to effectively publish your book like a pro without having to navigate the daunting world of traditional publishing. Retain all your rights and full control over creative content while holding on to 100% of your profits. 

Understand how to avoid common (and hard to recover from) book registration mistakes to ensure your book is properly setup with ISBNs

Discover the secrets of a magnetic book cover that immediately engages readers (without breaking the bank). Because, yes, books are judged by their covers. 

No more stress over what pages to have on your website, how to get stellar testimonials, or how to find your pricing sweet spot. Gain clarity on the small details that will turn readers into followers.

Uncover a hassle-free way to format the interior of your book so it goes from a rough manuscript to looking like any of the bestselling books you see in your favorite bookstore.  

Discover how to have your book easily distributed via Amazon and bookstores (as well as large-scale purchases by companies or for speaking engagements) without having to store boxes of them in your garage or ship them yourself. 

Discover how to best upload and position your paperback and eBook to Amazon, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital so that your book can be available everywhere books are sold and draws ideal readers in with a magnetic description that urges them to click Add to Cart. 


Discover, step-by-step, how to flawlessly format your paperback so you don't miss any critical components and ensure it prints properly (the first time!). 

Understand how to perfectly format your eBook for Amazon and thousands of other eBook retailers with this comprehensive walkthrough. 

This walkthrough shows you exactly how to properly register your ISBNs to the Bowker database so bookstores can easily order your book (no more second-guessing on this critical step!).

PLUS an optional one-year membership to The Book Writers Collective! 

If community and personalized support is what you're looking for, The Book Writers Collective is where you'll find it! You'll have access to twice-a-month small group coaching/guidance calls led by Elizabeth, weekly virtual co-working sessions each month, and access to the members-only Facebook community of fellow authors for an entire year! If you ever get stuck or aren't sure what to do next, this is your opportunity to get clear, personalized guidance. Our coaching calls are every other Tuesday at noon PST, and our co-working sessions are every Wednesday at 10am PST. 



"Elizabeth has the ability to turn words into art. More importantly, she has a passion of sharing her knowledge of how to publish a profitable book, and if you have the chance to work with her one-on-one or through one of her courses, I highly recommend it! She's one of the most authentic people I know."

Author of Made Over: How to Create a Powerful Brand that Will Transform Your Business and Save Your Lifeade Over, Founder of The Makeover Master

"Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to indie publishing. I highly recommend her!"

Co-Author, The Size of Everything

"Without Elizabeth's support and guidance, I wouldn't have gotten my children's books finished or published. She is a remarkable source of information and direction."

Children's Book Author and Illustrator


Participants have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and the engaged and supportive Facebook community as well as all yet-to-be-released content and bonuses. If you ONLY want the course content (no access to coaching or community), the far-right option is course-only pricing!




Lifetime Access to online course content

9 Online Modules

Exclusive Bonuses

One-year membership to The Book Writers Collective





Lifetime Access to online course content

9 Online Modules

Exclusive Bonuses

One-year membership to The Book Writers Collective





Lifetime Access to online course content

9 Online Modules

Exclusive Bonuses

One-year membership to The Book Writers Collective





Lifetime Access to online course content

9 Online Modules

Exclusive Bonuses


Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of PPB is that the timing is yours. Some participants carve out an hour per day, some plan for a 3-hour stint each week, and some do a Netflix-style binge right from the get-go.

The beauty of unlimited access is that you can work at a pace and on a schedule that's perfect for YOUR lifestyle. And, should something unexpected come up (as it almost always does), there's no worry about falling behind. When things settle down, you can jump back in and pick up right where you left off.

Your unlimited access (for the life of the course) grants you just that: unlimited access to all course modules, bonuses, resources and the members-only Facebook group. This includes all updates, upgrades, and new features added (for not a penny more!).

One of the best aspects of PPB is that, through the Facebook group, a network of like-minded, supportive authors and aspiring authors are ready and waiting to encourage you, motivate you, answer your questions and/or talk you down off a ledge (of the publishing variety at least).

And, if you opt to add a year-long membership to The Book Writers Collective, you'll get personalized guidance every other Tuesday at noon PST during our virtual group coaching calls. We also have virtual co-writing/co-working sessions every Wednesday at 10am PST to provide you with accountability to work through the publishing process while other authors and aspiring authors are working on their books!  

You'll also receive Members Only emails to equip you with marketing strategies, distribution approaches, success stories and, of course, any course upgrades or updates so that you know exactly where to find them each time you login!

That's a great (and valid) question! It's no fun to get what seems like a great deal on, say, a laptop, only to find out that you need to buy the screen and hard drive separately!

Beyond your investment in the course, I recommend that you hire a professional editor, cover designer, and interior formatter. I've vetted the best resources to help you with this at the fairest prices, and I share all of those resources (including the special pricing I've negotiated with several of them) within the course. In fact, my amazing cover designer offers course members paperback and eBook cover design PLUS interior formatting at 60% off their regular rates. 

As a guideline, it's suggested that you budget an additional $.04/word for editing services as well as an additional $700 to cover book cover design and interior formatting (combined, not each). 

Still, your total outlay for a high-quality published book will easily cost several thousand dollars less than it would if you hired a firm or publishing group to do the work for you.

For reference, Finn-Phyllis Press's publishing package starts at $6500, and we are on the low end of the spectrum. If you'd like to chat with us about hiring us to publish your book, please reach out. We'd love to speak with you!

Yes! The publishing process is the same, whether you're publishing fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, or any other genre. We even have course participants who are publishing children's books!


I'm so confident that Publish A Profitable Book can get you from "I wrote a book" to "I'm a published author" that I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Please note: This guarantee is meant to support participants who TRULY aren't the right fit for the course. It's not intended to support buyer's remorse. If you determine that PPB won't work for you, simply contact me, let me know why, and show me the work you've done in at least the first three modules. If we are unable to identify a solution for the challenge you're having, I'll be happy to issue a refund.


Discover the exact steps to focus on (and mistakes to avoid) so you can self-publish an incredible book that's indistinguishable in quality from a New York Times bestseller.