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[Book Publishing 101] Traditional vs Vanity vs Self-Publishing

Perhaps you're at the beginning of your book writing journey, wondering how to get all 87,367 thoughts out of your head and onto the page. (If that's the case and you'd like to get a strong start in under 50 minutes, check out my newest free training right here.)

Or, maybe you're writing or even in the editing process and you're wondering, "What's next?"

Do you try to get a traditional publisher interested? Do you work with the self-publishing arm of a traditional publisher or employ the services of another vanity publishing house? Do you self-publish? What even are the differences between each approach?

If these are the questions that swirl in your head, this series has you covered. I promise.

In the first part of the Book Publishing 101 series, I'll talk about all 3 publishing approaches at a mile-high level just to help you get clear on what each actually is. From there, we'll explore the pros and cons of each approach in greater detail.

While I self-publish my own books and...

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The #1 Reason People Don't Write (or Stop Writing) Their Book


Is something still holding you back from getting started (or continuing on) with writing your book?

While I can't know exactly what your roadblock is without chatting, because my goal is to do whatever I can to help you GET THAT BOOK WRITTEN, I thought I'd let you in on an impromptu training I recently did for the 33-Day Book Writing Bootcamp course members.

(I tend to put together these ad hoc trainings, especially when I hear that bootcamp members are struggling with a similar challenge).

In this under-15-minute video training, you will discover:

 What unexpected and unpleasant experience will occur when you're in the midst of writing your book (in fact, it may have already)---especially if you're writing about motivation, discipline, spirituality, or personal growth---and how to move right past it with determined grace, like the badass that you are!

 The detour most writers take when this unexpected experience occurs, and the response I give that honors their feelings...

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A Black and White Conversation (Part 3 of 4)

In the third of four segments from my initial Black and White Conversation with Markiss Stone, we dove into some deeper topics.

We discuss:

- Suggestions on the how of changing people's hearts (or at least opening them to a different perspective)

- Suggestions for moving forward through dialogue and action

- How to have the "right" conversations with the "right" people (and when)

- How the emergence of black programming (BET, Blackish, etc.) has affected perspectives


Are you writing a book? Do you want to write a book?

If you're ready to FINALLY get the book written, I invite you take the next step (it's about moving the needle just one click each day) and sign up for my newest FREE masterclass.

You'll discover:

- How to assess whether there is a demand for your book (aka "Will anyone want to read it?") 

- Why the notion that you aren't a writer doesn't matter. At all. 

- How to manage your fears that someone might judge or criticize...

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Is It a Sign?


What I'm about to say may come across as unkind, and I wish there were a better way to say it. Put bluntly, "waiting on a sign" is ridiculous.

And, to be clear, I've waited on "signs" myself. It was ridiculous. 

When we make those kinds of statements, we're squashing every ounce of our own power. We're making a powerful decision to keep playing small. We're ensuring that we remain stagnant.


Because when the sign DOES come (and it will … over and over again), all we'll do is ask, “Is that the sign?

"A notebook and pen were just dropped on the front porch by a bird... A NOTEBOOK AND PEN CARRYING BIRD!"

...But…is it a sign?"

We’re so resistant and fearful that we won’t recognize the sign even when it slaps us right between the eyes...

Because we don’t want to...

Because if we acknowledge the sign, we have to start...

If we start, we have to finish... 

If we...

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A Black and White Conversation (Part 2 of 4)

 In the second of 4 segments of my initial conversation with Markiss Stone about race, social injustice, and the current state of our country.

In this episode, we touched upon:

- Why we NEED to see race

- The difference between overt and covert racism (plus, which is more hurtful short- and long-term)

- Why "I understand what you're saying BUT..." is one of the most ineffective ways to respond to someone when it comes to truly moving our individual and collective understanding forward.

- Why "All Lives Matter" and "Black Lives Matter" are two entirely different statements.

- Why "Talking to the right people at the right time" has such profound impact when it comes to having the tough conversations. 


Are you writing a book? Do you want to write a book? If you're ready to FINALLY get the book written, I invite you take the next step (it's about moving the needle just one click each day) and sign up for my newest...

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A Black and White Conversation

Story. Experience. Perspective. It's what books are all about. 

My friend Markiss Stone and I got together to have a black and white conversation about current events in this country. 

Unbiased and with no agenda other than moving the conversation forward through understanding. 

It's time for everyone to feel comfortable telling their stories and connecting with the right people at the right time so we can all move to a new level of understanding. 


Within Part 1 of this 4-part interview, we discuss:

  • What piece of information is missing across the world right now (and suggestions on how to fill that void) - what know WHAT'S going on, but WHY is it going on?
  • The importance of gathering new perspectives. Dialogue is nothing without comprehension and a plan for moving forward toward something better.
  • The value of logic versus emotion in decision-making and ways of responding
  • The problem created by well-intentioned posts such as,...
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What a Good Book Editor REALLY Does


"What does a great book editor do...and what don't they do?"

Great question, and truly understanding the role of an editor in the process is critical to most effectively partnering with this critical asset!

There are 3 main points to keep in mind when working with an editor:

1. Not many changes = Not a great sign

2. The editor/author relationship is a PARTNERSHIP

3. "I suggest that you leave this in and take this out" is direction you want to expect to receive from a developmental editor.  

Overall, if you spend much time talking with me about publishing, you'll quickly learn that one of my mantras is "Not Editing is Not an Option." After all, if NYT bestselling authors still require editors, who is any one of us to think that we don't!

We are each simply too close to our work to be objective about issues with flow and content, we see words that were in our head but didn't make it to the page, or we fail to identify the instance of "there" that should be "their."


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What to Expect When You're Writing a Book


There are a lot of things you can expect when you're writing a book: excitement, confusion, pride, frustration, and awe.

Something many don't expect? A show-stopper (and not the good kind).

It seriously never fails. And as much as I'm trying not to use words like "always" and "never," in this case, it's absolutely justified. 

Maybe you've figured out how to build a business from scratch. 

Or, you've gotten out of a toxic relationship.

Or, you've completely reversed the high blood pressure you've had for two decades.

Or, you discovered how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to the point that you no longer need a weekly trash service. 

Whatever it is, you're going to be elated that you worked through all of the challenges that came with it. You scraped and clawed and got knocked over and stood back up. And now you're ready to let others know how they can do the same. 

And then...

Your client attraction method stops working altogether. (Maybe a pandemic or something...

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This Roadblock is a Problem


"Elizabeth, it's your job to get people really excited about their story."

A prospective client said this to me one day while we were on a call chatting about whether or not my coaching program or book writing bootcamp is a good fit for her. 

After considering her statement, I came to the conclusion that that isn't my job. 

If it were, I'd be out of luck, because you've already done my job for me! 

The challenge isn't that you aren't excited enough about your story. And the challenge isn't that you're too busy.

This is what the challenge is...(and this is how to solve it). 


If you're ready to FINALLY get this project finished, I invite you take the next step (it's about moving the needle just one click each day) and sign up for my FREE masterclass.

You'll discover:

 How to assess whether there is a demand for your book (aka "Will anyone want to read it?") 

- Why the notion that you aren't a writer doesn't matter. At all. 


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Authors in Quarantine


When you begin to wonder if you're the only author who's experiencing days that seem to blend right into the next, you take a break from writing and editing to make a video about it. (Right?)

Joking aside, authors question whether or not to make videos or post content that's slightly outside the lane of their "author image" or outside the realm of their book topic. I understand that doing so can feel extremely vulnerable. As if you weren't worried enough whether or not people would like your book, when you begin to get more creative with your content, you'll simultaneously begin to worry about whether or not people will like you!

Think about the last author you watched being interviewed. The author whose books you really like. The one about whom you've thought, "If I could have lunch her, I'd love to ask whether or not she actually meditates every single morning" (while silently hoping the answer would be no because you'd then be able to identify with her even...

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