Writing a book isn't a linear process, but publishing one is! 

Discover the FOUR STEPS to focus on (and mistakes to avoid in each) so you can self-publish an incredible book without  over-thinking, over-spending, or over-swearing. 

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"Elizabeth's trainings are straight-to-the-point. No fluff, no BS. I'd be lost without her." 

-Mary Belle, author of Vivi Il Momento

I know what you're likely thinking...

"Sure, a traditional publishing deal might be great, but it seems like it's not in the cards right now." 


"I want my book to be available for purchase in less than two years."


"I don't want to wait for a literary agent or traditional publisher to believe in this book the way that I do. (Plus, I love the idea of retaining full creative control and all the profits.)"


"Does self-publishing mean my book's not good enough?" 

"Self-publishing seems so...complicated!"

"I don't want my book to look like garbage."

I get it. I

I'm here to help‚ÄĒnot by pushing you toward one ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ way, but by helping you untangle this industry and figure out which way works best for YOU right now.


A fair question.

Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I'm an author, book coach, and book editor, and I've been in the publishing space for 20 years. I run a hybrid publishing service (Finn-Phyllis Press), and I have many friends and colleagues who are published via every publishing model in existence.

I'm in this space, talking with and learning from other authors, agents, and editors every single day. I've published 46 books through my publishing company as well as 6 books of my own, which have sold over 60,000 copies (including a book that kind of went…nowhere).

If you can't tell by that admission, I'm far more transparent than several (supposedly) 7-figure coaches have encouraged me to be. But as someone who understands the complexities of this industry, I'm not shy about properly setting expectations. Because doing so makes it far easier for me to meet (or exceed) those expectations, and I love becoming friends with my clients, not causing them to envision my face on their voodoo doll!

Self-publishing isn't for everyone. But neither is traditional publishing. Or hybrid publishing. 

And believe it or not, one approach might work great for your first book while another may be best for your next book. (No matter what you think right now, you may very well decide to write another one. It's kind of addictive!)

But the only way to confidently choose the right approach for YOU and your CURRENT book is to ensure you know what you need to know about all the approaches before deciding which to pursue. 



It gives you everything you need to determine which publishing approach is best for you.
And, if self-publishing is your ultimate choice, I'll show you how to navigate that process like a pro.  

This no-fluff, straight-to-the-point resource will help you:

✨ determine which publishing approach is best for your book

✨ debunk myths and clarify misconceptions about each publishing approach

‚ú® have more confidence in how simple the self-publishing process truly is

✨ focus your time, energy, and hard-earned money on the right steps while avoiding costly missteps and dangerous "shortcuts"

You'll finally be able to stop overcomplicating this whole publishing thing and get on with actually...publishing!

Because people are waiting to fall in love with your book. And it's doing no one any good continuing to live on your laptop! 

Writing a book isn't simple. But publishing one is.

Let's clarify the 4 key steps to navigate so you can see for yourself how straightforward (and fun) this process can be! 

As an indie author with a large social media following, I‚Äôve been pitched by quite a few coaches and book/publishing consultants. In a sea of ‚Äúexperts‚ÄĚ that never seem to be able to show me what they‚Äôve actually accomplished, Elizabeth‚Äôs willingness to be transparent, authentic, and honest about what she can and can‚Äôt do has been a real breath of fresh air.¬†

‚ÄĒDrew Linsalata, author of The Anxious Truth and Seven Percent Slower

Working with Elizabeth has been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend that anyone considering a writing project to partner with Elizabeth. I certainly could not have a published book with out her!

‚ÄĒKara Forney, Author of Boy Moms + founder of The Bump and Guygiene