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Ep 49: Unlocking the Creative Process: Insights from Novelist Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon is an author, designer, digital course creator, and creative consultant living in Calabasas, CA. Her first nonfiction book, Radically Content, was published April 12th, 2022 with Quarto Books. 

Her debut novel, Main Character Energy, (which she wrote in an hour a day, because no, you don't have to devote your entire life to it!) will be published fall 2023 with HarperCollins’ imprint, Park Row.


In Episode 49 of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, we discussed: 

  • How writing a "Novel Zero" can be a game-changer for nonfiction writers.

  • The daunting task of transitioning from nonfiction to fiction writing and why it can feel incredibly challenging, even for experienced writers.

  • The subjective nature of books and the unique challenges authors face in getting their works written and published.

  • Jamie's experience utilizing a book writing coach to overcome obstacles and complete her novel.

  • Jamie's unconventional outlining practice and why it differs from traditional methods.

  • Tips on finding a great editor who can truly enhance your writing journey.

  • What writers can learn from musicians when it comes to the book-writing process.




Radically Content:

 Main Character Energy:






Love Buzz by Neely Tubati Alexander


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