Ready to make BIG, BOLD moves as an author (or aspiring author)?


This FREE challenge will help you stop overthinking and over-planning so you can get out of your own way and show yourself exactly what kind of magic your story or message is capable of creating


I'm Elizabeth Lyons

Over the past 18+ years, I've written 5 bestselling books and helped hundreds of others write and publish theirs. My books have been endorsed by influencers and media, I've created partnerships I could once only dream about, and people I once saw as "unapproachable" have become friends. 

And nothing about my background says this "possible." (My undergraduate degree is in Japanese for heaven's sake, and I'm a huge introvert.) 

How did I do it? Bold moves. (And I'd be willing to bet I'm one of the biggest over-thinkers you've ever met. Also, my couch is my favorite place on earth.) But by challenging myself over the years to be bolder and braver than I thought possible, I built a thriving business as an entrepreneur, author, book writing coach, and publisher. 

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you write and publish impactful, thought-provoking books and have fun showing themselves just how far they can go when they're willing to take a deep breath and make one bold move

"Elizabeth is one of the very best when it comes to showing  'regular' people what's truly possible." 

- Heather D.

"Elizabeth just gets it. She reads between the lines of my resistance and compassionately helps me see it myself a different way. Plus, she makes me laugh constantly." 

- Kate P. 

"From stuck in overthinking to 'out there doing the damn thing' (as she would say), Elizabeth has completely changed the way I approach book writing and risks in general." 

- Sara L. 

25 Days of Bold Moves

Join us for 25 days that will change your life. You’ll learn how to trust yourself more, love thinking bigger, stop seeing "yes" as the biggest  (or only) win, and recognize that even the sky isn't the limit when it comes to what you're capable of creating.