Write powerful, thought-provoking memoir or non-fiction that readers can't put down... you can start a new business, expand your current business, or simply share your story.



You want to write a book that moves people to take action toward the best version of themselves and attracts incredible opportunities for you to reach more people with your message.




⭐️ Your experience and perspective can deeply impact someone else's life


⭐️ The perspective, insights, and wisdom you have to share with others are extremely valuable  


⭐️ You can write a persuasive, thought-provoking book that features your unique approach and inspires your readers to grow more fully into their own best selves

The problem is...

  • You know how to talk about your story and share your beliefs with friends or even acquaintances over coffee, but you aren’t confident that it will come across as strongly in writing. 

  • You aren’t completely sure what your main topic is, so you worry the book will be all over the place (what I refer to as "I may actually have two or three different books" syndrome). 

  • You wonder whether the topic has been covered too many times already...and by some really well-known people. You think, "Is it a waste of time to try to compete with that?" (spoiler alert: absolutely not) 

 As a result...


 🤔 You don’t know how to effectively organize your thoughts and experiences, which makes you feel like you don’t have enough of them to make a measurable impact.


 🤔 You aren't sure how to powerfully share the details of your experience and therefore don’t trust yourself to communicate clearly.


🤔 You fear that readers won’t receive the info the way you intend, and the whole thing may backfire.  


🤔 You think, “I can do a lot of things, but maybe writing a book isn't going to be one of them."   


I get it. No one's ever told you exactly how to consolidate all of your ideas and experiences into a cohesive book.  


I'm Curious...


What would it look like if someone could synthesize the process into simple, bite-size steps that would allow you to confidently write that first draft without:


⛔️ Paralyzing overwhelm and continuing to wonder "should I [insert Google's latest suggestion] instead?" 


⛔️ Feeling unclear about how to best organize all the content you want to share


⛔️ Questioning how your book will be that much different from all the others written on the same topic (In other words, "How do I stand out?")


⛔️ Continuing to believe that the only way to do this is to carve out hours each day (Got 20-30 minutes a day to spare? Because with my process, that's all you need.)  


Before I go on, perhaps I should more properly introduce myself...



...and I believe that everyone can LOVE the book writing process—as long as they have an effective process to follow.  


I'm a 5x author, and I've spent the past 18+ years helping countless others master their message and write books that have deeply impacted others while providing amazing opportunities to advance their own careers. 


When my clients work with me, they get so clear on their primary message and the unique experiences and beliefs they’re excited to share that writing their book actually becomes...dare I say! 


I have a holistic approach to book coaching. Yes, I provide you with a proven process to get your book written, but I know that a process alone often isn't enough. You also need someone who can coach you through all the reasons that, even with a process, you'll sometimes get "stuck."


I'm what l call a "compassionate ass-kicker." 


I will believe relentlessly in you, your story, and your ability to write an incredible book. AND I will guide you with love and understanding. There is no shame in my game (just ask my kids), and that extends to my relationships with my clients. I am here to deeply see you, and reflect it back to you, so that you can deeply see and love yourself (even when—especially when—it's not the most fun activity). 


Because the truth is, writing a book is one of the most vulnerable and healing things you'll ever do.  


So when "stuck" happens, you need someone who's helped others navigate what you're experiencing hundreds of times and can help you bring forth lessons and insights you didn't even realize were within you.  


Honestly, this part of book writing lights me up as much as a brilliantly expressed feeling. Writing a book is a story in and of itself, and you will be amazed by how much more of your own unique brilliance you unlock while going through the process



🙏🏻 Reading through your first draft and getting goosebumps because you know how much it will transform someone else's life as well as open up the kinds of professional opportunities you've been dreaming about


🙏🏻 Waking up to emails and social media messages from readers, thanking you for putting yourself out there and reminding them they aren't alone


🙏🏻 Having a book that presents your insights and message with such clarity that you are invited to speak at events, contribute to articles and media segments, and create courses & coaching programs that help others while providing you with the freedom to design a lifestyle you truly love. 

Having that level of clarity makes it impossible NOT to own every inch of your story with a level of conviction that previously didn't seem possible.



  • Brain-dumping content ideas (and you have 34 Google Docs and randomly placed PostIt notes to prove it). 


  • Creating an basic outline (which likely feels too short, too basic, or too all-over-the-place)


  • Starting to write the introduction or first chapter, only to quickly begin questioning what you're doing, whether it will be any good, and whether you should just organize the garage instead 



Also, it doesn't have to be this hard to share your experience and perspective with the thousands of people who are hoping that someone just like you writes the exact book you want to write. 


Book writing isn't your area of expertise!


(But it is mine.)


So many of my clients (most of them, in fact) experience this same level of overwhelm and uncertainty before they engage with my book-writing process. You are far from alone!


You don't need to put your book idea aside. In fact, please don't.


Because your book will soon be someone else's favorite resource. 



What DOESN'T work


⛔️ "Just do a brain dump over the weekend." 


⛔️ "Focus on hitting a bestseller list. It doesn't even matter how good the book is."  (This is the biggest lie being sold right now.)


⛔️ "Go off the grid for a month and get it done." (Who can even do that?)

What DOES work


✅ Get clarity on what your message is, who it’s for, and how to excitedly write about it 


✅ Have confidence in your unique voice and style so you effortlessly attract ideal readers (and have so much fun doing it!) 


✅ Know how to speak directly to your readers so your book becomes their newest "Netflix binge" 

“I would NEVER have gotten my books finished without Elizabeth. The ROI has been priceless. I never imagined how much a book—done right—would springboard my career. The authority the books have given me and the opportunities that have opened because of it are ones I never could have imagined.”

—Chris Martinez, author of 5 books

This is why I created Book Writing Made Simple 

...a self-paced program that gives you the tactical tools and the relaxed coaching support you need to write a powerful, thought-provoking book that you're incredibly proud to share because you know how much it will help others.  


The process I give you in Book Writing Made Simple comes from 18+ years of helping hundreds of authors get their books written. It addresses the critical (and often overlooked) aspects of writing a book that:


- makes a deep and lasting connection with readers (and is therefore recommended again and again)


- creates unshakeable confidence in the author's (that's you!) ability to help others create transformation in their lives


doesn't feel like you're trying to squeeze water from a stone each time you sit down to write


My method incorporates three powerful approaches to book writing that, when combined, allows you to have as many aha moments while writing as your reader will have while reading. 



This process ensures that you:


  • Clarify your unique voice, style, and book structure so that you can write with ease and your reader will feel like you're speaking directly to him/her
  • Discover how to powerfully own and share your experiences and insights without upsetting anyone (or being sued!), as well as how to combine compassionately and authority to move your reader toward action
  • Understand how to incorporate tried-and-true book structure and storytelling principles that keep your reader turning page after page



☑️ You’re busy as hell
☑️ You “aren’t a writer” or don't have MD, LCSW, or PhD after your name
☑️ You have 857 story ideas spinning in your head (at a minimum)




Positions you as a credible authority and attracts ideal readers and future clients who can't put your book down 



Powerfully shares your unique insights, perspectives, and stories so you can guide readers toward the results they're craving



Moves your readers and makes them think in such a way that they can't help but to shift their perspectives and take excited action on their goals in a way that provides lasting benefit  

What makes this program different?


- I don’t focus on writing a book just to hit a bestseller list for a day—there’s no lasting impact there. I believe in the exponential impact that intentionally writing an incredible book has on both your readers’ growth and your own. 


- Many book coaches focus solely on getting the book written; my focus is the book and the human who's writing it because the same issues that give you pause while writing will creep back in when it comes time to get it out there! This is why you'll have monthly coaching with me to help answer your questions and get you over any hurdles you encounter. 


- I know how much you'll grow through the process of writing your book, and I'm here to nurture and support that growth so that you have not only a published book but also more confidence, self-awareness, and motivation to share your story in whatever way feels incredible to you! 

“It is amazing when you meet someone who tells your story by moving things around, elaborating on it, and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even remember. Never in my career have I had a partner set an unrealistic goal for themselves and not only hit it but exceed it. In the last two years, I’ve worked with a lot of people on a lot of projects. There are no words for working with this woman. That is how incredible it was.”

—Lisa Copeland

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Janet was struggling to get clear about her ideal reader’s deepest needs and the way she wanted to deliver her unique solutions. We worked through those roadblocks so that she could write and publish Show Up For Yourself

For Deborah, a successful executive coach, writing her book as a vulnerable pursuit. She shared a huge piece of her life that wasn’t the easiest to share. Together, we worked in partnership so that she could write and publish HIGH: A Story of Addiction, Awareness and Ascension

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Book Writing Made Simple is perfect for you if...

👍 You know your story can impact others, but you aren’t sure how to clarify your primary message & organize your content 


👍 You like the spaciousness of going at your own pace (but still want coaching available to you each month when you encounter a roadblock or need someone to help you avoid costly missteps)


👍 Weekly meetings and writing a book in 12 weeks (which we do in the Book Writing Accelerator) makes you feel like you're in a bit of a pressure-cooker. You prefer room to breathe and work this process in with the rest of your life! 


👍 You aren't committed to self-publishing (so you're not sure whether you need that whole process given to you just yet)

Through this program you will: 

- Get absolutely clear on the reason you're writing the book and exactly what you want your book to enable  you to do so that you are ready to hit the ground running, creating aligned opportunities (without wasting time on mismatched ventures that don't light you up)


- Clarify your magnetic writing voice so you can write with ease (and have fun doing it), and your reader will feel like you're speaking directly to him/her. The result of this is a book that you are ecstatic to promote long-term and that readers recommend again and again.


Discover how to powerfully outline your experiences and insights, giving you unshakeable confidence in your ability to create transformation in the lives of your readers


- Understand how to incorporate tried-and-true book structure principles that keep your reader turning page after page 

What's Included  

- 12 monthly group coaching calls (one per month for 12 months) where you get 1:1 support from Elizabeth to clarify your message and remove roadblocks (value $6,000)

[*For a limited time: LIFETIME ACCESS to coaching calls for founding members!]


- Lifetime access to all trainings, downloads, and resources (no more pushing to be creative on a strict timeline) (value $3,000)


- Access to private Facebook community with your new favorite network of supportive, growth-minded fellow authors-to-be (value $1,200)


Access to my proven Book Writing Accelerator method that shows you how to write a persuasive, thought-provoking book without overwhelm, second-guessing, or throwing you laptop through a window (value $7,000) 

If you’re ready to blast through the roadblocks and skip over any further "best way to write a great book" research so you can proudly add “PUBLISHED AUTHOR” to your list of accomplishments, enroll now and let's get this show on the road! 


Your story wants to be told.

I’m here to help you finally get it done. 

Let's Do This!

6 Payments


  • Lifetime access to all course content & future upgrades/updates
  • 12 monthly coaching calls (1 per month for 12 months) Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls for founding members (limited time so enroll today!)
  • Private Facebook Authors Network

Pay In Full


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  • Lifetime access to all course content & future upgrades/updates
  • 12 monthly coaching calls (1 per month for 12 months)  Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls for founding members (limited time so enroll today!)
  • Private Facebook Authors Network

12 Payments


  • Lifetime access to all course content & future upgrades/updates
  • 12 monthly coaching calls (1 per month for 12 months) Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls for founding members (limited time so enroll today!)
  • Private Facebook Authors Network
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Mike had years’ worth of stories and insights, but just couldn’t get them out of his head and organized on paper, even though that’s exactly what he helps his own branding clients do! Over the course of 12 weeks, we got Made Over written (and it ended up being more organized and transformative than he anticipated!).

Jacqueline Hopper was confident in her overall message, and she often delivered it via speaking engagements, but she wasn't sure how to translate speaking to groups to writing her thoughts on paper. She was afraid her enthusiasm and insights wouldn't translate properly. We worked to ensure that her unique voice and message came through loud and clear!

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“Elizabeth was able to effortlessly guide me through the process of understanding and overcoming each and every point of confusion. Her ability to disintegrate the fears I had is more than I had hoped for. Her ability to know what to ask, what to say, and how to respond through this process is breathtaking in its effortlessness. Her understanding of the human condition is awe-inspiring.”

—Alan Bleiweiss