The accountability, coaching, and community you need to bring your book to life

with 6x author Elizabeth Lyons


I know, you wish you could just sit down and write that amazing book you have inside you!


The one that shares your story or message and creates amazing opportunities for you to help others.


⭐️ The idea of writing a book excites the daylights out of you. You enjoy sharing your thoughts, and (most days) you genuinely believe that your experience can help someone else.


⭐️ You see other author posting their new release—even authors you’ve never heard of, who don’t have a following the size of Alaska—and you think, “That looks fun!”You feel yourself being pulled toward it over and over again.

But there's a small(ish) problem...

  • You aren’t completely sure what your main topic is, so you worry the book will be all over the place. (This is what I refer to as "I may actually have two or three different books" syndrome.) 


  • You're good at sharing your story and your thoughts with friends over coffee, but you aren’t confident that it will come across as powerfully in writing. (It's entirely possible that you don't consider yourself a "writer" at all, so there's that.)


  • You have stories and thoughts for days but wonder, "How do I get all this into a book?" Also, "Will it make sense when I go from talking to one specific person to talking to a lot of people simultaneously—especially when I don’t know exactly who they are, what they need, and whether they’ll immediately trash the book if I use the word ‘moist’?” 


  • You wonder whether the subject matter has been covered too many times already...and by some really well-known people. You think, "Is it a waste of time to try to compete with that?" (spoiler alert: absolutely not) 

 As a result, you keep finding reasons to put it off. You know, "until life settles down a bit."    


🤔 Not knowing how to effectively organize your thoughts and experiences makes you feel either scatterbrained or like you don’t have enough to say to make a measurable impact.


🤔 You wonder whether what you want to say and how you want to help a larger number of people will even work as a book. Maybe you should just start a podcast (or blog) instead. 

I'm going to level with you...


Book writing feels hard...because it is hard!  


I bet you didn't expect me to say that. Many writing programs out there profess that "Writing a book is easy! You just have to know how!" as though it's a simple 9-step process.


Others declare, "You can write a bestselling book in 2 days!"


But you're walking around like, "What?! Why am I not one of those people who can write a powerful book in two days? Also, do those people really exist??
And because nothing's worked as quickly as promised or felt as easy as skipping through a lavender field the south of France, there's likely a part of you that's thinking, "I must be doing something wrong!"  

I promise, you aren't.

Having a process to follow does make book writing simpler, and it absolutely shortcuts the time from "I want to write a book" to "I wrote a book," but it doesn't  necessarily make it  easier. And it doesn't eliminate the roadblocks that show up along the way. 
(Also, to be clear, no one writes a true-blue bestselling book—or anything close to it—in 2 days!) 


Does that feel better? 


There's nothing wrong with you.
And you're absolutely meant to write the book you feel called to write. 

What you need is:


⚡️ Accountability


⚡️ Coaching through your "wonky" moments


⚡️ A community of fellow writers to reassure and support you


And, possibly most importantly right now...


⚡️ The ability to opt-out if this program isn't right for you, or if something else comes up that needs to take priority


Here's why that last part is important..

Making a year-long commitment (in, say, my Book Writing Made Simple program) without:


    • knowing much about me
    • having experienced my teaching/coaching style
    • having clarity around exactly how your book is going to serve you (or even exactly what it's going to be about)
    • knowing whether you’ll vibe with anyone else in the group
    • feeling confident that you can trust someone who has 5 kids but drinks decaf coffee 
...may feel like too big a leap.
(On the decaf coffee front, I get it; I used to say, “Decaf is for losers.” Who’s the loser now? Me—and everyone around me—when I drink caffeinated beverages.)

If you've gotten this far, you're likely thinking...

"This all sounds great, but who the hell is Elizabeth, and why should I consider her invitation to dive into the shallow end of the pool (where she's waiting with a sloth raft, a welcoming smile, and a laugh so distinct it's been recognized from four aisles away in Target)?

In short (and I am, standing at a mere 5' 3"), I love words, backstories, cupcakes, and tearing down walls in my perfectly good home.  


Also, I believe that everyone can learn to LOVE book writing—as long as they have an effective process to follow and knowledgeable support guiding them through the trickier moments.  


I'm a 6x author, and I've spent the past 18+ years helping countless others master their message and write books that have deeply impacted others while providing amazing opportunities to advance their own careers or simply share their stories. 

I will believe relentlessly in you, your story, and your ability to write an incredible book...


...AND I will guide you with love and understanding.


There is no shame in my game (just ask any of my 5 kids), and that extends to my relationships with my clients. I am here to deeply see you, and reflect it back to you so that you can deeply see and love yourself (even when—especially when—it's not the easiest thing to do). 


Because the truth is, writing a book is one of the most vulnerable, healing, and expansive things you'll ever do.  


When "stuck" happens, you need someone who's helped others navigate what you're experiencing hundreds of times and can help you bring forth lessons and insights you didn't even realize were within you.  


Honestly, this part of book writing lights me up as much as a brilliantly worded feeling. 


Writing a book is a story in and of itself, and you will be amazed by how much of your own unique brilliance you'll unlock throughout the process



🙏🏻 Reading through your first draft and getting goosebumps because you know how much it will transform someone else's life 


🙏🏻 Waking up to emails and social media messages from readers, thanking you for putting yourself out there and reminding them they aren't alone



  • Brain-dumping content ideas (and you have 34 Google Docs and randomly placed Post-It notes to prove it). 


  • Creating an basic outline (which likely feels too short, too basic, or too all-over-the-place)


  • Starting to write the introduction or first chapter, only to quickly begin questioning what you're doing, whether it will be any good, and whether you should just organize the garage instead 


    Rest assured, this is all normal!


    Also, it doesn't have to be this hard to share your experience and perspective with the thousands of people who are hoping that someone just like you writes the exact book you want to write. 


I put all of this together and created 

The Book Writing Collective

...the accountability, compassionate-yet-ass-kicking coaching, and supportive community you need to bring your book to life.


You had me at decaf coffee. I'm ready to join!


This is for you if...


💥 You’re confident (enough) about the “how” of book writing. Maybe you’ve already worked with me and consumed my trainings. Or you’ve attended other writing workshops. Your main issue is consistently getting your ass in the chair and having someone help you through your wobblier moments.


💥 You’ve been in a formal book writing program (mine or someone else’s) and just need a tune-up and some maintenance (aka accountability and coaching)


💥 You want to be part of a community of writers where you can build new relationships 


💥 You’re writing fiction, so the trainings I offer through Book Writing Made Simple don’t apply. But you need a group you love to help you through moments of doubt, remind you why you’re doing this in the first place, and get your ass in the chair.


💥 You prefer group learning over 1:1 learning (plus, 1:1 coaching can be expensive).


💥 A year-long commitment without knowing if I'm your "cup of tea" is a no-go. You can cancel your membership to The Book Writing Collective anytime (though I doubt you'll want to!).

This is NOT for you if...


👎 You want/need intimate, detailed coaching (that takes more than 10 minutes at a time).


👎 You want chapter review and feedback from me, specifically (you can certainly find a feedback partner without the group!)


👎 You aren’t willing to engage in self-study and want the tactical components of book writing (core message, target reader, outline creation) explained step-by-step (Book Writing Made Simple or 1:1 coaching would be better suited for you if this is the case) 

What makes my approach different?


- I don’t focus on writing a book just to hit a bestseller list for a day—there’s no lasting impact there. I believe in the exponential impact that intentionally writing an incredible book has on both your readers’ growth and your own. 


- Many book coaches focus solely on getting the book written; my focus is the book and the human who's writing it because the same issues that give you pause while writing will creep back in when it comes time to get it out there! This is why you'll have monthly coaching with me to help answer your questions and get you over any hurdles you encounter. 


- I know how much you'll grow through the process of writing your book, and I'm here to nurture and support that growth so that you have not only a published book but also more confidence, self-awareness, and motivation to share your story in whatever way feels incredible to you! 

“It is amazing when you meet someone who tells your story by moving things around, elaborating on it, and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even remember. Never in my career have I had a partner set an unrealistic goal for themselves and not only hit it but exceed it. In the last two years, I’ve worked with a lot of people on a lot of projects. There are no words for working with this woman. That is how incredible it was.”

—Lisa Copeland

What's Included  

- 2 group coaching calls per month where you get direct support from me and benefit from the coaching and guidance other participants receive (which is almost always "coincidentally" what you need to hear that you don't realize you need to hear!)


*(You can see the coaching schedule for the next several months in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page so you can be confident that you can attend as many as possible!)


- Week-long co-writing sprints each month to keep you on track and in the collective energy of others who are also committed to doing the damn thing 


- Access to private Facebook community with your new favorite network of supportive, growth-minded aspiring authors

Your story wants to be told.

Your message wants to be shared.

I’m here to help you get it done. 




  • Group coaching sessions twice each month 
  • Week-long co-writing accountability session each month
  • Private community of writers (build amazing relationships, partner with others to review work in progress, and receive consistent support!)

In Clients' Own Words...


“Elizabeth was able to effortlessly guide me through the process of understanding and overcoming each and every point of confusion. Her ability to disintegrate the fears I had is more than I had hoped for. Her ability to know what to ask, what to say, and how to respond through this process is breathtaking in its effortlessness. Her understanding of the human condition is awe-inspiring.”

—Alan Bleiweiss