Book Outlines, Made Simple 

Get your nonfiction or memoir masterfully outlined so you can write a powerful book with confidence and clarity!

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A rock-solid outline takes the book-writing experience from overwhelming and complicated to exciting and empowered. 

And it's not nearly as complicated as you may think...

As a 6X author who's been in this industry for nearly two decades, I've developed a process for getting aspiring authors out of overwhelm and into writing with clarity.


Let's get you on a clear path toward the book the world needs you to write (because overwhelm looks good on none of us!)


Whaddya say?


(Yes, I realize that's not grammatically correct, and maybe it wouldn't stay in the final version of the book. But for now, "Whaddya say?" sounds far more fun than "What do you say?")

My simplified book-outlining process helps you:


💥 Get clarity on what to talk about (and how) so you can tell your story or share your message in a meaningful way (without feeling confused or making the common mistakes others make)


💥 Stop questioning which pieces of your story, perspective, or experience to include and which to save for emails, social media posts, blogs, or the stranger behind you at the coffee shop register


💥 Remind yourself of just how many stories and experiences you actually have to share!


💥 Embrace your unique way of sharing your story or message...even if you don't consider yourself a writer (most of my authors don't consider themselves writers!). 


Here's What's Covered...


Discover the 5 critical components of books that sell again and again while attracting amazing new readers who are excited to learn from you



Remove all confusion around what topics to cover and which stories to tell and identify how to ensure your target readers declare, without hesitation, "This book is exactly what I need!"  



Get access to my proven outlining template so you can create an epic book skeleton that helps you masterfully organize your thoughts, experiences, and insights into a kickass book readers can't put down.


[*raises index finger into air]


Perhaps I'm getting just a bit ahead of myself. Excitement does that to me sometimes! 


Allow me to introduce myself a bit further, so you know not only what you're getting into, but who you're getting into it with... 

I'm Elizabeth, and I'm a 6x author, book writing coach, and founder of Finn-Phyllis Press (an independent publishing house).

Over the past 19+ years, I've helped hundreds of people with a burning desire to get their message or story into the world by giving them tools, techniques, and support that simplify the process.   

I'm also a mom of 5 who is obsessed with words, coffee, incessant laughter, home renovation, and generally making the impossible possible.

One of my clients recently referred to me as a "book midwife." That's surely as close as I'll get to delivering something so precious into the world (that isn't my own)!

I know firsthand how challenging it feels to have SO much to say but no idea where to start.

(Or, some days, to believe you have nothing to say and wonder why you ever thought you could do this whole book-writing thing.)

The most straightforward place to start is an outline.

And make no mistake, your outline is meant to be a fluid document. It will grow and change as your understanding of your message or story grows and changes. 

But having a solid starting point from which to get your butt in the chair and start writing about something specific with intention is 99.675% of the battle most days. 

So let's start there, shall we?

Yes please!

Some of the books I've helped authors conceptualize, write, and publish

Now, let's Get YOUR Book Outlined! 

If you know you have a book inside of you but don't know where to start or how to make sure it's as powerful and impactful as it can be, it would be my honor to help. This workshop is the perfect place to start! 

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