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Ep 47: Interview with Author and Book Coach Lauren Eckhardt

In this episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with Lauren Eckhardt, author and founder of Burning Soul Collective and Burning Soul Press. We discussed the changing landscape of the publishing industry, the importance of marketing your book in a way that feels authentic, and the therapeutic aspect of book writing.

Lauren shared her insights on different publishing opportunities and paradigms, emphasizing the need to align your values with your chosen approach. She also debunked the idea of being published for free and provided guidance on self- and hybrid publishing, encouraging authors to be more curious about the hidden value of paying someone else to publish their work.

We also discussed how Lauren helps authors overcome imposter syndrome and shared her own strategies for battling "writer's block" and lack of inspiration.

Finally, we explored a new perspective on book launches, an alternative to the traditional "finish line" mentality. Overall, the conversation was filled with valuable insights and practical advice for both aspiring and established authors.



Lauren is an award-winning and best-selling author and CEO, ghostwriter, and book coach at Burning Soul Press. She’s also the mama to two little guys who are her why that drives her every day. She’s an advocate for determined and passionate writers who listen to their soul’s calling and the number one cheerleader for our authors.  



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Instagram: @authorlaureneckhardt and @burningsoulcollective




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