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Abolish book launching & marketing overwhelm for good so you can sell more books and build a tribe of loyal, raving readers


"I highly recommend From Manuscript to Market. I had no idea how to launch my book. It was easy to follow and easy to implement. I had a very successful launch and will continue to use the tools in it in the future!"

Janet Philbin
Bestselling Author, Show Up for Yourself: A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness


First of all, congratulations!

Truth: Writing the book and getting it published is the most challenging part, and you did it! I hope you properly celebrated with cupcakes or skydiving or swimming with dolphins (or all three). 


But now you're wondering, "How the heck do I get it out there?"


You're thinking:

😬 "Book marketing isn't my area of expertise."

😬 "I know I need to build an email list and post on social media, but I have no idea what to say or how often to say it!"

😬 "I don't want to spend a fortune on a publicist." 

😬 "BookTok seems to be working for some authors, but I don't have time to learn another social media platform (and I'm not about to start dancing in front of the world)." 


😬 "I published my book months (or years) ago, and it's hit a plateau. There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, and I'm ready to be seen by more of them!" 

Even though you know you've written a great book, you keep seeing other authors posting about the thousands of books they've sold and sharing all the screenshots of readers holding their books, and you're wondering how they did it!  

You've posted on social media. You've sent out some emails. But the thought of having to do more stops you in your tracks. You feel like you've done it all. You want an approach that is simple and effective (and doesn't require that you go live 8 times a day for weeks). 

I get it.

I'm a 5X author myself, and I've been launching (and re-launching) books since 2004. As a person who loves creating and is borderline allergic to the word "sales," learning to love the launch and marketing process took time. 

But it was so worth it! 

I've now sold well over 100K books as well as watched incredible opportunities come my way, including paid speaking engagements, media appearances, product partnership with an HGTV host, and now a full-time career as a book coach and independent publisher.  


  • Over 1 million titles will be published this year (and more than half of them will be published by independent authors).  
  • The most successful marketing efforts don't focus on getting in front of a million random people; they focus on getting in front of ONE right person.
  • Every single author (even the ones you dream of sitting next to on the bookshelf) builds their readership one person at a time. They're all trying to figure it out a day at a time. In short, they're just like you!  


Thinking that they have a secret weapon that you don't have access to is what's keeping you stuck. And it's keeping the readers who are going to fall in love with you from finding you (because you're under a weighted blanket vowing to think about all this again tomorrow)! 


It's time to get you out there so all those readers who line up for your favorite authors will be lining up for YOU!

From Manuscript to Market is an easy-to-follow online course that walks you step by step through the exact launch and marketing strategy I use with my own books (which have, to date, sold well over 100,000 copies). As a book writing coach and independent publisher, my clients use my book launch process as well!

This course will help you set up systems that will get your book in the hands of more and more (and more) of your ideal readers so that you can build your brand as a published author. Tech challenged? Fear not. I've included bonus walk-through videos that take all the guesswork out of it! 

You'll get access to my exact 12-day launch strategy so that you can intentionally sell more books while building your list of readers (and have an incredible time doing it). 

And yes, this method works even if you've already launched your book...twice. 

Each time you're ready to reach a new audience, you can simply come back to this process. It's truly rinse and repeat. 

But wait. Before I go on, Perhaps I should tell you a bit more about how I got to a place of "This is fun!" when it comes book launching. Because it most definitely did not start out that way!

For starters, I'm Elizabeth. 

And I believe that book launching & marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming, stressful, or require that you hire an expensive publicist!

In fact, the process of finding new readers can be exciting and incredibly fulfilling when you're able to follow a process that's focused on bringing in the most number of sales and connecting with readers who will become raving fans (with little to no pressure to figure out exactly how to properly launch your book).

Long story short(ish), after hearing "No" way too many times from traditional publishers, I took the leap and published my first book, Ready or Not...Here We Come! The REAL Experts' Guide to the First Year with Twins, in 2002. It was, to say the least, an overwhelming journey, and I spent years in perpetual "figure it out" mode. 

I tweaked, pivoted, even restarted altogether on a few occasions.

I went from having no idea how to launch a book to selling 40,000+ copies (before the existence of social media). I didn't realize how much of a success that was until I heard from literary agents that most of their clients—who were published by traditional publishing houses—rarely sold anywhere near that number.

Today, most books published in 2002 are long out of print, but that first book of mine is in its third edition (newly titled Holy Sh*t...I'm Having Twins), and it continues to be my bestselling title. 

I realized that my adventures learning to navigate a book launch (especially for those of us who are introverted and/or borderline allergic to the word "sales") combined with my love of coaching and connecting with others put me in a position to help others identify the target audience for their book--and then efficiently connect with those people. 


...I've gained valuable insights that consistently save authors time and money (not to mention sanity). I've packaged all of my processes into programs in order to help anyone with a story or message to share with the world do so via the shortest path possible.


As you can tell by the images below, we do things with coffee 'round here. But if you want to bring tea, water, or something in a flask, we'll support you all the same!


From identifying the best launch team members and the best launch date to getting all your communication created  building or refining your author website (you can do it, promise!), we’ll get you perfect setup so that your launch can run seamlessly.


We'll spice up your website with content that makes readers want to learn more with every click and create launch team incentives that have people asking YOU to join your launch team. We will also set up effective launch team communications (that deliver on autopilot)


We will create automated emails for your launch team (that actually get opened and compel your team to share the news of your book with all their people!). We'll also create an incredible free download that people can’t wait to snag (while you watch your email subscriber list grow and grow). Finally, you'll effortlessly customize gorgeous social media graphics that attract ideal readers while growing your online presence.


By the end of this phase, you'll have complete clarity on exactly what to do during each day of your launch (including a foolproof price modification strategy to maximize sales and reviews) so that you can stop guessing and stressing, and start watching your book climb the charts!


These exclusive bonuses are truly the icing on the cake (and I love cake as much as I love coffee)...

Vault of Instagram Templates

A growing collection of social media graphics you can easily customize to match your branding, voice, and topic. No more guessing where to start when it comes to engaging graphics that showcase testimonials & tips, encourage engagement, and share your expertise!

Simply Store Free Downloads

Easily (and inexpensively) storing free downloads that allow you to build your email list is critical, but the tech behind it doesn't have to be daunting! I walk you right through it, step-by-step, in this user-friendly bonus that's simple even for the tech-averse! 

Auto-Calculated Key Dates

Some have said this tool alone is worth the price of the entire program! 

Input ONE date (your launch date) and all other critical due dates (and do dates) are auto-populated for you. Bye bye, guesswork!

Supportive Community

A supportive, engaged Facebook community to help hold you accountable, answer your questions, and celebrate your successes! 


"Elizabeth has a passion for sharing her knowledge of how to write, publish, and launch a profitable book, and if you have the chance to work with her one-on-one or through one of her courses, I highly recommend it! She's one of the most authentic people I know."

Mike Young
Author of Made Over: How to Create a Powerful Brand that Will Transform Your Business and Save Your Life

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Lifetime Access

11 Online Course Modules

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Lifetime Access to Engaged, Supportive Facebook Community


Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of M2M is that the timing is yours to determine. Some participants carve out an hour per day, some plan for a 3-hour stint each week, and some do a Netflix-style binge right from the get-go.

The beauty of unlimited, lifetime access is that you can work at a pace and on a schedule that's perfect for YOUR lifestyle. And, should something unexpected come up (and it almost always does), there's no worry about falling behind. When things settle down, you can jump back in and pick up right where you left off.

Your lifetime access grants you just that---lifetime access to all course modules, bonuses, resources and the exclusive Facebook group. This includes all updates, upgrades, and new features added (for not a penny more!).

One of the best aspects of M2M is that, through the private Facebook group, a network of like-minded, supportive authors and entrepreneurs are ready and waiting to encourage you, motivate you, celebrate your successes, answer your questions and/or talk you down off a ledge (of the writing or publishing variety at least).

You'll also receive Members Only emails to equip you with marketing strategies, distribution approaches, success stories and, of course, any course upgrades or updates so that you know exactly where to find them each time you login!

That's a great (and valid) question! It's no fun to get what seems like a great deal on, say, a computer, only to find out that you need to buy the required screen and hard drive separately.

Beyond your investment in the course, the investments you make on book promotion and advertising are yours to determine. Rest assured, you can invest at your pace (I started with just $2 / day on Amazon ads). Considering that most PR firms charge a minimum of $750/month with no guarantee whatsoever, investing what you can into proven approaches you know how to execute all on your own is a fantastic way to go!


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