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28: 5 Tips for Removing Writers Block

As you may or may not know, I don't believe in writers block. 

At least, not in the way many people do---that it's a concept every writer must experience, a rite of passage of sorts, that can keep a writer from writing for days, weeks, or---God forbid---even longer. 

To me, "writers block" is simply the name we give to a feeling we have when we feel "stuck."

And the reason we feel stuck is usually far more simple than we like to make it. We aren't entirely sure what we want to say, or we aren't sure that we "should" say whatever it is that we want to say. 

Over the years, I've identified six (I said it was going to be five, but a sixth came to me while I was recording the podcast!) tips for getting you OUT of "writers block" and into "I have so much to say about this!" These work especially well for those writing nonfiction.  

In this episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, we'll explore each tip so you can get yourself back into writing (and wondering how you ever thought you had nothing to say on a particular topic!).



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