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"Finally, a series of email templates that isn't sterile and can be easily customized! My launch team was grateful, my reader list is engaging, and these templates saved me hours of work!"

Erin Thorburn, Author and Illustrator

"...first time I bought something like this and don't feel like I just threw away my money. I just gave the material a quick look and it's SO worth every dime. A HUGE thank you!"

—Hugh T.

I know, you're committed to steadily growing your email list (and building a relationship with people who trust you to send them great emails!). 

And you're so grateful to anyone willing to help you spread the word about your book (whether it's one lone ranger or a group of 472). 

But still, you're wondering:

  • "What the heck do I even say in my emails beyond 'My book's out now; buy it, please and thank you'?"
  • "How do I send great emails without talking about myself or my book all the time. What else can I talk about that people care about?"
  • "How can I give my promo partners amazing content to share in emails to their audiences? Because they don't have any more time to start from scratch than I do!"

You know the emails you get and can't wait to open because you know you're going to learn something, discover something, or laugh harder than one is used to doing before 9am? 

You want your readers to feel the same way when they get yours!  


The idea of sitting down and coming up with a bunch of emails from scratch makes you want to retreat like a turtle into its shell. 


You know you need to write great content for your launch team and your  list of readers, but...


  • You wonder what to say (and not say) so readers don't wonder, "How did I get on this email list?" (and then unsubscribe)
  • You're not sure what to talk about besides your book (or how much you can talk about that)!
  • You definitely don't want to pester anyone.
  • You appreciate anyone willing to help you spread the word about your book, and want to make it incredibly easy for them!   
  • You don't have nearly enough time (or coffee) to figure this all out from the ground up! 


Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I'm a 6X author, and I've spent the last 19+ years writing, publishing, and launching books that help others (and teaching others how to do the same). 

I've lived through the process you're dreading—the one where you have to write all those emails (many times.) 

I wasn't so unsure how to best support my book launch partners (while sounding slightly more exciting than cardboard), and I felt like a blabbering moron when emailing my readers. I was so proud of my book, but I wondered, "How many times can I talk about it without people saying, 'Enough already!' and hitting the unsubscribe button?).

So, over time, I curated content ideas that actually work!

That give promo partners easily customizable emails while maintaining control over how they described my books. 

That allowed me to connect with my readers to the point where many of them became friends IRL ("in real life," for those of you without teenagers!).

I tested them over several of my own launches and several of my clients' launches, honing and refining, and honing some more. 

I wrote, tracked open rates and click-through-rates, re-wrote, and re-wrote some more.


I ended up with a series of 12 emails to share with your launch/promo partners so they can effectively communicate with their audiences via email and/or social media.




...a growing vault of easily replicable email templates and content ideas that support you in building genuine, connected, fun relationships with your list of readers.  





"I wish I had these templates when my first book was published. And I bet there are more than a few other new authors  who feel the same way!"


So I created the resource I needed back then

(and still use today!)

Imagine Being Able To...

Know Exactly What to Say to Your Launch Team

...and when to say it for maximum effect

Build Rapport with Excited Readers

...who your launch team knows will be ecstatic to discover you and your book

Build and Engage a Long-Term Crew

...of partners and readers, so that every launch becomes easier and more effective!

Get ready, because you are about to effectively engage with launch partners and readers... you can build lasting, authentic, profitable relationships!





Launch Team Emails

Effective communicate with your launch team or promo partners through 12 customizable email templates showing them exactly how to engage with their audience (and when) during your 12-day book launch. 

BONUS: Link to my personal launch team application (that you can copy and customize for your own use!)

Reader List Emails

Whether you already have a list or are building one from the ground up, this growing vault of creative email ideas and customizable templates tailored specifically for authors will set you up to confidently build a mutually beneficial relationship with your readers (whether you've written non-fiction, fiction, or memoir).

Bonus Content

Don't worry - I know that sometimes the software end of things is what stumps authors most. In these bonus walkthrough videos, I'll show you step-by-step how to tackle some of the common points of tech frustration!

You're probably thinking this costs at least $97. (And it easily could.) 

Nope! I want you to get those emails written, those relationships nurtured, and that book in the hands of those who don't even know how much they're going to love it!



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"Elizabeth is the real deal. She has a fantastic fun optimistic mentality mixed with a no-nonsense let's get stuff done approach. It's so effective. I went from no book to published book in about 9 months and have been thrilled with my results. I can highly recommend her to be your book writing coach and editor, she's worth every penny, will save you loads of time and surprise you with what it's possible for you to achieve."

-Dr. Richard Gliddonauthor of Unlocked: Release Your Peak Potential and Rebuild a Body that’s Future-Proof

“Before working with Elizabeth, I knew I would write my novel. I didn’t know that I would publish it. My biggest obstacle was my fear of failure. I also felt like what I was doing as a writer wasn’t ‘important enough.’ Elizabeth helped me understand what I should and shouldn’t worry about. She’s an incredible motivator, and she’s also realistic, which is incredibly valuable.”

-Marianne Hansenauthor of The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger and Better Off Divorced

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