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Writers: How to Erase Self-Doubt

I just started writing my sixth book.
It’s fiction (“chick lit” to be exact).
Of the 6 books I’ve published, none of them is fiction.
Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, or memoir, the process may be different, but the underlying resistance is often the same, and I was intrigued to find myself stalling–in much the same way my clients do.
So I sat down yesterday and asked myself:

Who do I have to BE to write this? Who do I have to be in order not to:

⛔️ procrastinate due to fear that it will suck
⛔️ compare it to other people’s books (and fear it will suck)
⛔️ say, “I’ll start next month” (because if I start this month, it’ll suck)

The result: I have to BE someone who:

✅ Is curious about the unknown
✅ Trusts my own voice
✅ Seeks guidance from people who are intimately familiar with the “how” of fiction writing
✅ Believes in herself
✅ Trusts herself
✅ Can read a great book in the same genre and think, “I can’t wait to craft my own story!” (not “I’ll never write anything as good as this.”)
✅ Moves toward the feeling she knows she’ll have when it’s published!
Once I got into that space, I got excited. No, the full plot didn’t arrive in 13 minutes. No, I’m not yet sure whether it will be good at all.
But I know who I have to BE in order to get to the point where it can be polished. I know who I have to remind myself I
AM when I consider putting it on hold again for one of 6,387 reasons.

What if you asked yourself, “Who do I have to be to get started on the book I’ve been dreaming of writing?”

How would you answer?

And can you allow yourself to BE that person, especially in moments of doubt, until you simply ARE that person more often than not. 



Despite what you may think, you don’t need to wait for the perfect story or the right launch day. You don’t need a steady stream of confidence. And you sure as hell don’t need validation from the right people. 

What you need is help from someone who’s felt what you’re feeling and done what you dream of doing. Someone who’s made her fair share of mistakes and is ready to pass those along so that you can avoid them!

I help people just like you write, publish, and launch books with clarity and purpose.

✅ even if you’re busy as hell

✅ even if you have no idea where to start

✅ even if you’re not sure what to include and what to leave out

✅ even if you’re concerned that someone will get upset with you

✅ even if you don’t like writing (and/or think you aren’t good at it!)

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