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Our no-strings-attached book publishing service keeps you in the driver's seat while removing unnecessary legwork, overwhelm, and costs.

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The Best of Both Worlds

All the benefits of self-publishing‚ÄĒwithout any of the¬†headaches



What Makes Us Different?

  • We are not a vanity publisher, meaning that we don't¬†publish every manuscript submitted to us. We want to ensure that our authors are as proud of the company they keep as we are!¬†
  • We don't handcuff our authors to us. We do the work you don't want to do, and let you go about running your author career as you see fit (but we're always here to answer questions and celebrate with you!).¬†
  • We will walk you through the oft-confusing and ever-changing publishing industry lingo, answering any questions you have along the way.¬†We want you to understand how this all really works so you can have the best possible author experience! ¬†
  • We don't retain a percentage of your earnings or have "minimum sales" requirements. We're¬†simply your publishing concierge.¬†
  • We load to¬†your¬†accounts on Amazon, Draft2Digital, and IngramSpark. Once you're published, you're in full control of your title!¬†
  • You can easily order author copies for events or publicity purposes from your own Amazon author account (with no upcharge).
  • You retain¬†all¬†rights.

With our publishing services, you'll retain full control of your author career. But we'll always be here, holding your hand and cheering you on!



What's Included In Our Package?

Our book publishing package includes: 

  • Full cover design (eBook, paperback, and, if desired, audiobook)
  • Interior formatting/typesetting (eBook and paperback), including title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgements, about the author, and reference pages
  • Finn-Phyllis Press imprint (or a publishing house name of your choosing) on your book's spine, back cover, and title page
  • Finn-Phyllis Press (or publishing house name of your choosing) ISBN assignment and registration for eBook and paperback
  • Submission for Library of Congress number for paperback
  • Back cover copy/Amazon/IngramSpark descriptions reviewed and honed by Elizabeth Lyons
  • Upload to your¬†KDP author account on for paperback and eBook distribution through Amazon
  • Upload to your Draft2Digital account for distribution of eBook through all eBook retailers outside of Amazon
  • Optional: Upload paperback to your IngramSpark account for distribution through physical bookstores, libraries, airports, and sites such as¬† (basically everywhere print books are sold outside of Amazon)

Who Are We and Why Do We Do Things This Way?

Finn-Phyllis Press was founded by 6x author Elizabeth Lyons. 

She started the company in 2004, intending to publish only her books.

But after multiple people asked her to put the same effort and care into publishing their books that she put into her own, she thought, "Maybe this is an opportunity to provide the publishing model, industry explanations, and service levels I wish I'd had when I was first starting out!"

Elizabeth loves nothing more than words, stories, and taking the hassle out of publishing so others can enjoy a straightforward process for getting their books on the market and in the hands of readers.


In Authors' Own Words...

"Do not hesitate to reach to out to Finn-Phyllis Press. You will be well taken care of. I loved every moment of the process!"

-Jacqueline Hopper, author of Becoming

"I would never have gotten my books finished without Elizabeth. I never imagined how much a book, done right, could springboard my career." 

Chris Martinez, author of 7 books

"The value and guidance Elizabeth provided during the publishing of my book far exceeded my expectations. I never expected the process to feel so organized and easy."

-Sheila Whittington, author of The Daily Seed

Some of the Books We Have Been Thrilled to Publish

Frequently Asked Questions


To ask any questions at all, or chat with us about taking the next step...

Please email [email protected]