Understandably, I receive many of the same inquires about book writing & publishing. They are all excellent questions, and they deserve thoughtful answers.

To streamline the process of expediently getting you to the next best step in your journey, I've put together this series of FAQs. 

If you have a Q that doesn't have an A here just yet, drop me an email at [email protected] so I can respond and add it to this page!


When it comes to book writing specifically, I work with authors who are writing nonfiction or memoir. (Publishing is different; I work with authors publishing fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and poetry/devotionals.)

I know it can feel very overwhelming to have an idea for a book and then think, "Wait a minute. I have a lot to say. Does it all go into the book? Do I have more than one book? Can I even say what I want to say?" 

This is all very normal! 

You can only think about the writing for so long before it becomes time to do the writing. But before you do the writing, there are a few key elements that are critical to consider: critical elements of an impactful book, identifying your core message, and creating an epic outline. 

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This will get you on the path. Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do next. But you have to start somewhere, and this "somewhere" has already worked for a lot of authors!)

First of all, congratulations! SO many people say they want to write a book but never get to the point where they can say, "I wrote it! What's next?"

So yay you! 

The next step is hiring an editor. 

Here is a great blog post on what a great editor actually does, and how to find a great one for your book! 

How to Find a Great Book Editor

Once your book has been edited, you'll be ready to publish! See the next few FAQs for more information on this step of the journey.

Great question! In my world, not editing is not an option!

Click here for a full breakdown of exactly what a great editor does, where to find one, and a download of interview questions to help you find the best one for your book! 

When it comes to book publishing, there are seemingly a lot of options. There's  also a lot of conflicting information about those options. So it's no wonder that once your book has been written, you get a bit of analysis paralysis. 

Not to worry. I'm going to get you sorted out. 

There are 3 main ways to publish your book: traditional, independent, and self. 

I'm not opposed to any of them; what I'm opposed to is people not fully understanding what's involved with each and (understandably) not knowing what questions to ask and therefore being left disappointed or even more confused than they were when they started! 

To break it down most simply, traditional publishing refers to the "big guys": Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, etc. There are pros and cons to this approach, as there are to each of the approaches.

Click here to discover the pros and cons of traditional publishing.

Independent publishing refers to publishing with either a hybrid or a vanity publishing house. This type of publishing is author-financed. In other words, the author pays the publisher to do the legwork of putting together a professional book, and the author keeps the lion's share of the creative license, book rights, and profits.

Click here to discover the pros and cons of independent publishing.

Self-publishing is the model whereby the author not only finances the publishing of his or her book but also does the legwork when it comes to hiring a cover designer and interior formatter, purchasing ISBNs (the UPC code for books), and uploading to their desired distributions services such as Amazon. 

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If you determine that self-publishing is the best route for you, we would love to welcome you into Publish A Profitable Book, my step-by-step roadmap to publishing a book that is indistinguishable in quality from the books published by "the big guys!" 

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