Ep 76: When Going Viral Goes Very (Very) Wrong

These days, almost everyone dreams of having a post or reel go viral. That is, until they do.

At that point, they realize it doesn't often have the "magic bullet" benefits we're led to believe. At best, it has a neutral impact, and at worst, it can go very (very) wrong before you have a chance to get your arms around it. (Thinking you can get your arms around it is often your first mistake!)

But also, everything that goes "wrong" in this life brings with it an opportunity to see something differently (oftentimes, that something is oneself)  and to evolve as a human being.

In this episode of Write the Damn Book Already, I share the top 7 lessons I learned from recently going viral on Threads. I've often said if I ever went viral, it would be for tripping over a pebble or walking straight into a freshly cleaned glass wall, and in this case, I think I would have preferred either of those! 

This happened thanks to a taken-out-of-context writing suggestion that was reposted (and negatively commented on) by a well-known, highly respected fiction author who's sold millions of books and has what could effectively be described as a rabid fan base.   



1. The word "hybrid" often has different meanings in the fiction and nonfiction worlds. Knowing the difference can provide incredible clarity and remove a whole lot of "shoulds"! 

2. As an author (or otherwise creative person), you will probably be negatively labeled at some point. When that happens, here's what you can do to avoid becoming defensive. 

3. A critical point to remember about any competitive industry that will keep you from quitting. 

4. The people most important in your author journey (if you want to continue to grow as a person while writing books). 

5. What you can (almost) always take away from being criticized. 

6. The one thing you ARE allowed to do (and should expect to do) many times as an author or creative person. 

7. My suggestion for anyone who fears criticism so much that they think they'd go into hiding if they ever received it from a big name.

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