What to Expect When You're Writing a Book


There are a lot of things you can expect when you're writing a book: excitement, confusion, pride, frustration, and awe.

Something many don't expect? A show-stopper (and not the good kind).

It seriously never fails. And as much as I'm trying not to use words like "always" and "never," in this case, it's absolutely justified. 

Maybe you've figured out how to build a business from scratch. 

Or, you've gotten out of a toxic relationship.

Or, you've completely reversed the high blood pressure you've had for two decades.

Or, you discovered how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to the point that you no longer need a weekly trash service. 

Whatever it is, you're going to be elated that you worked through all of the challenges that came with it. You scraped and clawed and got knocked over and stood back up. And now you're ready to let others know how they can do the same. 

And then...

Your client attraction method stops working altogether. (Maybe a pandemic or something else entirely unimaginable occurred). 

Or, you learned that your new romantic partner--the one you were so sure of--has seven other partners. 

Or, you decided that you actually wanted to use the store-provided produce bags.

Or, your high blood pressure suddenly replaced with crippling anxiety. 

Whatever it is, you will have a moment wherein you will think one of three things:

1. I can no longer write this book, as I'm clearly a fraud.

2. I can no longer write this book because I have to go figure this other thing out. I'll get back to the book once I've done that. 

3. I can no longer write this book because clearly the topic I'm supposed to be writing about is ______________.

What's the common theme?


Let me be clear...

The solution is actually to write through the newest challenge. You also must see the challenge as one of the greatest gifts. Because it will provide you with the ability to prove to yourself that you can navigate any challenge with the tools and approaches you've learned. It's that "walk the walk and talk the talk" moment that undeniably solidifies your "right" to be in this space, guiding others to the other side of their challenge. 

So no, this upheaval is not a message from the universe that you need to quit. 

Instead, it's a question: "Are you really ready?" 

You are. So keep writing.