Ep 38: How to Choose the Right Publisher

Hybrid publishing is a model whereby an author pays a publishing house to do the publishing legwork---including (sometimes) editing, cover design, interior formatting, and distribution channel setup---while retaining final say over the edits, title, cover design, interior layout, and retail price.

The cost to work with a hybrid publishing house is likely to fall somewhere between $1,500 and $50,000. I consider my publishing house, Finn-Phyllis Press, to be a hybrid publisher. Several of the bigger, more well-known traditional publishing houses offer a hybrid model: Hay House has Balboa Press, and Simon & Schuster has Archway Publishing.

Some publishing houses take no profit off sales, while others take 15% (or more). Some houses pay author royalties every month; others pay them every quarter. Some make it easier than others for authors to order author copies for events or promotion, but almost all of them up-charge when an author does so.

When I began publishing other authors’ books through Finn-Phyllis Press, I put in place the business model that I would’ve loved to have available to me when I started publishing. I wanted someone to help me with the publishing legwork, but I didn't want to give away a portion of my earnings, and I wanted to retain full control over my listing on Amazon and other distribution services post-publication. 

That model didn't exist two decades ago (that I was aware of), but thankfully, more and more author support partners have come on the scene since. 

Because I've learned of so many authors who didn't know what questions to ask their hybrid publisher (and then found themselves in a less-than-ideal situation after publication), I know how critical it is to choose your publisher well. 

My hope is that this episode helps you to know what green (and red) flags to look out for and what questions to ask up front so you can have an incredible publishing experience!



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