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Ep 35: I Want to Write a Book. But Where Do I Start?

Want to write a book but have no idea where to start? 

You're not alone. In fact, "Where do I start?" is the most common question I hear!

In this episode, I break down the first three steps I encourage every aspiring author of nonfiction or memoir to take in order to make the process of writing an incredible book a little more clear and a little less daunting.

But make no mistake, writing a book is hard work! My saying that is in service of your desire to do it, not a deterrent or a precarious warning.

The fact that it feels hard is NORMAL! Every author feels this way, sometimes even after writing several books. (The only difference there is that by that point they know to expect it that "hard" feeling and have stopped judging it as "bad.")

Every single one of your favorite authors once asked, "Where do I start?" 

Someone gave them a bit of direction, and then they decided to get (and keep) going. 

See if these three steps help you to get out of thinking and into action. Because that's where all the magic happens! 

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