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Ep 33: Interview with Emily Lynn Paulson

Emily Paulson's second book, Hey Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and other Lies Behind Multi-Level Marketing (Row House, May 30, 2023) is the eye-opening, funny, and dangerous personal story of author Emily Lynn Paulson rising to the top of the pyramid in the multilevel marketing (MLM) world, only to recognize that its culture and business practices went beyond a trendy marketing scheme and into the heart of white supremacy in America. 

In this episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, we discussed several aspects of her book writing process as well as her journey to the top of (and then exit from) the MLM she participated in.



  • The basis for the title Hey, hun (because we’re all fascinated with titles and where they are settled on!)

  • What compelled Emily to write this (her second) book, and how she got clear on the book's core message

  • The benefits of considering your reader’s frame of mind AS YOU'RE WRITING in order to compassionately speak to where they are while taking them toward a new perspective

  • Emily's ultimate goal for the book (the hoped-for benefits for herself AND her readers)

  • Her book-writing process (hint: it starts with a journal!)

  • How she chose which stories to include and which to remove

  • The way she included stories about other people's involvement in her story without outright naming them

  • The hardest part of the writing process (her “messy middle”) and how she worked through some topics her publisher wanted her to write about that initially felt real uncomfortable 

  • Handing other people’s disappointment and how she’s made peace/prepared for what may come when the book is released

  • How Emily discerns the boundary between "leaning into discomfort" and "This is wrong for me." 



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