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Ep 32: Interview with Sam Garcia

Whenever I have questions about Instagram/Facebook (or, as it's newly referred to, Meta) ads, the first person I go to is Sam Garcia.

The founder of Dirty Alchemy Digital Marketing, Sam and her team have run ads for some big brands, and not only does she know what she's doing but she also has a way of simplifying a process that often feels like a 1436-mile maze. 

In the latest episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, Sam and I talked about how authors can utilize ads to grow their visibility and their community and, as a result, sell more books and attract more clients. 



🎙️ The most basic (and un-overwhelming) place to start in terms of budget and ad creation

🎙️ The biggest difference between running ads to your book's listing on Amazon and to a page on your on website (and why the second option makes more sense most of the time)

🎙️ Which posts are best to begin boosting (and which are a complete waste of time)

🎙️ Different types of ad campaigns you can run (and which is best for a starter budget!)

🎙️ How soon in advance of your book launch to start building your email list with ads (plus, the importance of “owning” your audience)

🎙️ Which metrics to look at to determine whether the ads are “working” (and why your data is far more important than industry average)

🎙️ How business owners use Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO) to cover their ad spend (bonus: your book can be its own self-liquidating offer!)

🎙️ 4 questions to ask to determine whether it’s a good time to jump into the ads-running game

🎙️ Step-by-step guidance on how to look at your IG insights to determine which posts are worthy candidates for ads

🎙️ Pre-launch bonuses to offer (plus, how Laura Belgray did this brilliantly even though her book isn’t about the topic her courses help people navigate) 

🎙️ The most important questions to ask to ensure your relationship with an ads agency/partner will be one you never want to be without




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