Ep 31: Interview with Laura Belgray

Sometimes, you're sure you'll love someone well before meeting them. That's the way I felt when I learned of Laura Belgray's forthcoming book, "Tough Titties." 

At once a collection of essays, a memoir, and a hilariously honest look at navigating various stages of life and business ownership, this book made me feel like I'd known Laura for many lifetimes by the end of page 5 (because she's so wholly relatable).  

In this episode of Write the Damn Book Already, we chatted about why she wrote the book, why she wrote it this way, and her experience (thus far) navigating the publishing world.

It's safe to say I had to back away from the mic a few times during this interview because I was laughing so hard I would have blown out the speakers (and your eardrums).

I know you're going to enjoy it as much as I did! 



- How Laura wrote the exact opposite of a “should book”

- The belief she had about her ability to tell stories that held her back a bit.

- What made her book “hard” to sell, and what she ultimately found in an agent that made all the difference (this is the kind of agent we ALL would want, were we to go that route)

- Laura's (very honest) goal when it came to working with a traditional publishing house

- How she found her agent (aka, An Exercise in Ethical Stalking)

 - How she navigated moments when she was struggling to organize her book’s content and feeling overwhelmed by all the stories she wanted to tell

 - How Laura’s self-worth relates to and is impacted by “being busy” (if you relate more to being a sloth than a cheetah, you will LOVE this snippet!)

- Audiobook plans (and my audiobook recording tips!), plus the hidden benefits of recording an audiobook.




Laura's Website 

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Order the Tough Tittles book! 

Laura on Instagram 



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