Ep 29: How to Sustainably Increase Book Sales

"I can get your book onto the NYT bestseller list."

"I can get your podcast ranked in the top 10 on Apple."

"I can get you 8692.7 verified reviews on 2 days."

The offers are everywhere. And of course they're appealing. Who WOULDN'T want to be on the New York Times bestseller list? Or have a top-rated podcast? Or have Hunger-Games-level reviews on Amazon?

But the question often is, at what cost? (Literally.)

And then, after nearly passing out upon hearing the answer, the next question is, "Do I HAVE to do that? Is there another way?"

No, you don't. And yes, there is.

Magic bullets sound exciting. But they're rarely sustainable.

Bona fide shortcuts, on the other hand, ARE exciting. And yes, they require more work and time. But more often than not, work + time = joyful momentum, while magic bullet = quick (expensive) dopamine hit followed by months of sadness and confusion.

The good news is that there ARE ways to leverage the system without outright gaming it (and, bonus, you don't end up incredibly disappointed when, within a week, the flash in the pan is fully extinguished and you're unsure how you'll cover next month's expenses).

If getting one of these accolades is a bucket-list item for you and/or you have the cash to invest in the process, terrific.

But if not, there are plenty of other creative ways to get the word out and nurture organic (sustainable!) growth when it comes to book sales and visibility. 


Resources Mentioned

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

Kate Rock Book Tours


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