19: Interview with Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez's journey as an author is one I've had the privilege of being part of since the beginning. 

We've now worked on six books together, and his perspective on being of service through a published book (as well as why he keeps writing more!) is one that every author can benefit from hearing. 

In this episode of Write the Damn Book Already, we discussed:

[9:30] One of Chris's most heavily recommended books (that I've yet to read, even though it's a perennial bestseller)

[13:22] The biggest reasons why he keeps writing more books (it's not about money)

[11:35] How one book can provide you with a principle you'll refer back to for the rest of your life

[12:28] Chris's philosophy when it comes to looking at book sales figures

[14:13] The biggest opportunity that came as the result of just one book sale (it changed his life)

[27:32] How Chris manages promoting 6 books (while running multiple businesses and promoting other programs and services)


Connect with Chris 

Instagram: Instagram.com/chrisjmartinezatx

Website: CarSalesSuccess.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjmartinezatx/


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