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07: The hidden benefits of talking (less) about money

Listen, I love money. I welcome it. I appreciate it.

I celebrate when my clients receive it in exchange for their guidance.

And I celebrate when I receive it in exchange for mine. An overflow of money makes a lot of things easier.

But let’s be honest.

It’s just one type of win. It feels like lately, in the coaching space, the focus is heavily on wins like:  

🥳  My client generated $12K after just two weeks in the program

🥳 Sarah was living in an alley last year and now she owns two castles outside of Rome

🥳 Cliff attracted a $30K client immediately after investing $60K in my program.

Because that’s the power of alignment and action.

Now, let me be clear. I am not saying these things don’t happen (the castle purchase may be a stretch). They do. But what I’d love to see more of is a focus on what we’ve come to consider “just a small win.” In truth, there is no such thing as a small win. And what we’ve come to see as BIG wins (the $60K client who is so demanding that you want to claw out your eyeballs) often end up not feeling quite so big when you have to hire your own expensive therapist to get you through the contract without going insane!

In this episode of Write the Damn Book Already, our focus is on getting back to recognizing wins like:

✅ An aha moment on your messaging that gives you 4 new content ideas

✅ Having the courage to finally go live on social media (and not even caring that no one joined) ✅ Sticking to your new exercise routine for a full week and having so much more energy to engage in life AND confidence in your self-discipline game

✅ Thinking about grabbing the ice cream after a long day and then…not doing it (full disclosure: this is not a win I’m claiming lately)

✅ Meditating for longer than 7.34 seconds

✅ Not having a full freak-out when an $8K client backed out at the last minute Can we stop dismissing all that?

These are all huge accomplishments. And their indirect result is often the one you’re clinging to: a rising bank account balance. Because with more clarity comes more confidence. With more confidence comes more aligned action. With more aligned action come more aligned clients. With more aligned clients comes more… 

The rise in your bank account is inevitable if you commit to celebrating all the “little” shifts that cause it. You might not make $1 million off book sales (in fact, you probably won’t), but you can make an incredible living and be incredibly joyful off the business that comes your way… in whatever way you decide you want it to…as the result of getting clearer on your message and more confident in delivering it while having trust that everything is lining up for you exactly as it’s meant to.

Nothing meant for you will ever miss you. And that includes all the “small” stuff we sometimes think isn’t “IG worthy.”

Let’s normalize acknowledging and celebrating it ALL.