02: Traditional Publishing Myths & Misconceptions

"I want my book to be published by a big publishing house."

I hear this often. And more often than not, that belief is bolstered by a few misconceptions when it comes to traditional publishing.

In episode 2 of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, I clarify the reality of the 3 biggest misconceptions when it comes to traditional publishing, specifically in the areas of:

- time to market

- the "lucrative" advance

- marketing and distribution support

Once you understand the reality of the time to market, the advance, and the marketing support you'll likely receive from a traditional publishing deal, you can make an informed decision (instead of one based on incorrect assumptions) for you and for your book.

 The best part? Once you have this level of understanding, your expectations will be properly set so that you can embark on the process with far less frustration and disappointment! 


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