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Ep 59: From Traditional to Hybrid with Kristen McGuiness

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to speak with Kristen McGuiness, 2x author and founder of both Rise Books and Ascent Publishing, in the latest episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast.

Kristen shares the incredibly relatable rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that come with navigating the book publishing realm as well as the process of finding the right fit for your manuscript, whether it's a big-name, boutique publisher, or hybrid publisher. 



Kristen McGuiness is the founder of Storyboxing, which provides content, coaching and courses for people looking to write the good fight. In addition, she is a co-founder, Vice President, and Editor-at-Large of Row House, a disruptive publishing imprint at the intersection of wellness + social justice, founded by best-selling author Rebekah Borucki.

Kristen is also the bestselling author of 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life, which was optioned by Original Films/CBS Cable with Alison Brie attached to star. She has over twenty years’ experience in book development, writing, and editorial, working with such authors as Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Stephen Covey, Chris Matthews, Leon Logothetis, Joe Gorga, Darren Prince, Rebekah Borucki, and more.

She began her career working in publicity for St. Martin's Press before joining the editorial departments of Simon & Schuster, Free Press, and Judith Regan at Harper Collins. Since then, Kristen has also worked in non-profit fundraising as a strategic grants and marketing director, helping to raise millions for local and international non-profits.

Kristen has appeared on the “TODAY Show,” in USA Today, and in Marie Claire, and has written for numerous publications, including Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Psychology Today, Salon and The Fix. Kristen is currently finishing her debut novel, Live Through This, and has written and co-written multiple film and TV projects (and one very weird play). 




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Kristen's first book: 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life

Kristen's newest book: Live Through This



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