Ep 39: Interview with Neely Alexander, author of Love Buzz

If you love hearing other authors' experiences when it comes to querying, agent selection, and the publisher selection process, this episode is one to listen to!

Neely Tubati-Alexander's debut novel, Love Buzz, released on May 2, 2023. (It's so good, grab a copy through links below!).

In this episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, Neely and I talked about: 

  • Finding her creative outlet in the midst of Covid, and why she started writing (then stopped) another book entirely, felt amazing about it, then trashed it 
  • Neely's experience identifying which agents to query and how she ultimately select hers (she has great tips on how to find agents in your genre)
  • How she managed the mindf*ck of getting requests for partial or full manuscripts while also hearing “no thank you” from agents
  • The most beneficial way to respond to an agent’s or editor's request for plot modifications 
  • Why she passed on the first agent who offered to represent her book (even though she loved her) 
  • How she ultimately selected her publisher (Harper Perennial) after her book went to auction and she received multiple offers
  • How “asking for forgiveness” helped her get her dream agent 
  • The “reality” of the advance for nonfiction versus fiction with a traditional publishing deal (plus, the lesser-talked about benefit of a smaller advance and a smaller publisher)
  • The important role of diversity in publishing
  • The value of writing groups (and how to get connected with one)
  • How Neely got Emily Giffin, queen of rom-com, to blurb Love Buzz



Website: https://www.neelytubatialexander.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/neelyalexanderwrites/

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Neely is the author of women’s fiction with rom-com feels you can escape into with a smile. If you like seeing women pursuing love AND careers, her books are for you! When she's not tucked away at the little desk in her bedroom writing, you can find her at some kiddo activity (so many activities), drinking wine, or watching reality TV, usually the last two together.  



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