Ep 36: Interview with Megan Tady (Superbloom)

In Episode 36 of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, Megan Tady (author of Superbloom, May 2023, Zibby Books) and I chatted about the journey to her debut novel.


  • Where the idea for Superbloom came from (Meg always thought her first book would be nonfiction)

  • Her writing process: how much of the story did she know when she started versus what had to come as she was writing

  • How many years this book took in total to write (and how many agents said “no” before one---who initially said no---said yes!)

  • How Meg navigated the writing/edits while raising two young kids

  • The value of a writing group (plus, how to find a great one and how to “break up” with one, when necessary)

  • What keeps Meg most invested and interested in the story she’s writing (even when she feels a bit stifled)

  • Her overall goal as an author and what keeps her moving forward (it’s not about having the best reviews)

  •  What she’s most excited and nervous about when it comes to the book launch

  •  Her favorite writer’s resources



Megan Tady is a writer and editor who runs the company Word-Lift. When she’s not
scrutinizing copy, she can be found stocking her free neighborhood library, challenging
anyone to a dance-off, or stewing over how Portlandia stole all of her jokes. She's hard at
work on her next novel, Champions for Breakfast, which will also be published by Zibby
Books. She’s a corn-fed Nebraska gal who now lives in a quaint New England town with her
husband and two kids.



Instagram: https://instagram.com/megtady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megtady

Website: MeganTady.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/megtady

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