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26: Interview with Renata Trebing

Even though she ended up getting a degree in chemical engineering, Renata Trebing started reading cookbooks (for fun) when she was 8 years old. So it’s not terribly surprising that she ended up writing one!

She loved the idea of writing about food passionately, as Nigella Lawson has done. Not long after her first book was published, she had an idea for a second book (with a completely different style and intention).

In the most recent episode of the Write the Damn Book Already podcast, Renata and I chatted about her author journey (and about the many benefits of breath work, which was incredibly informative!)


Interview Highlights

[8:00] Why Renata couldn’t get started on or hone in on the main message for the second book (even though she knew how to write and publish one already) and how an unexpected illness cemented the purpose of the book

[12:00] The macro level of writing versus the micro level (the micro level is where it’s supposed to become fun, but it often becomes overwhelming and people quit)

[13:20] On what her illness made her feel about herself as a nutrition coach (it’s the OPPOSITE of “a fraud” or in any way not able to position herself as a credible authority]

[14:21] Why she was petrified of having anyone read it and what she was worried they’d judge (even though she was so certain of what she had written) and the actual messages she got from readers

[18:10] The book writing schedule that helped her get the damn thing written!

[30:36] How Renata determined WHO she was writing to and how high-level or low-level she’d keep her delivery for this book as someone who has SO much info from the simple to the complex end of the nutrition/healing spectrum



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