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24: Why being on the slow boat isn't bad

I don't know it it's an end-of-year thing or an all-year-round thing, but I'm hearing a lot of people saying, quietly, that they feel like they're a bit "behind. 

Honestly, I get it. I'm about to turn 50, and I certainly have days where I think, "I can't possibly be 50, because I haven't yet [fill in the blank]."

It's easy to begin to wonder if everyone else knows something we don't, is smarter, happier, or more deserving. 

But the good news (and the truth of it all) is, being on the "slow boat" (taking a bit longer than you perhaps wanted to) toward any goal isn't a bad thing! 

This episode is here to remind you that you're exactly where you're supposed to be while offering you a few different perspective shifts that may even make you grateful you didn't get where you want to be sooner!