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21: Interview with Cory Goodrich (Pt 2)

Being able to interview Cory Goodrich a second time (click here to listen to our first interview), this time doing a deeper dive into the writing of Folksong: A Ballad of Death, Discovery, and DNA, was a gift that's I just know is going to keep on giving. 

An actor, painter, singer, songwriter, and all-around creative person, it shocked me to no end to hear that Cory didn't consider herself a "writer" and, in fact, didn't initially write with the intention of publishing a book. 

And yet, maybe this is precisely how it was all meant to come together. 

In this insightful episode, Cory shares:

  • What surprised her the most while writing Folksong (I can almost guarantee you’re going to identify with this) 
  • How much the writing helped her to process her grief and grow her trust that her story will help others 
  • How she worked through not identifying as a “writer” 
  • Her relaxed perspective on book marketing (and who she wants to play her in the screen adaptation) 
  • Her overall goal as a creator (it’s not “selling”)
  • How she deals with disappointment as a creative 
  • The biggest lesson she learned from writing this book
  • An offered shift in perspective on having gratitude for “bad” things that happen in our lives

I can't wait to hear your takeaways from this episode!



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