10: Interview with Zibby Owens


If you've ever wondered whether other people really have it easier than you do when it comes to writing and publishing a bestselling book, my interview with the incredible Zibby Owens is one to listen to.


Author of the recently released, Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature, as well as editor of Moms Don't Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology, Zibby is has a unique and thought-provoking perspective on writing, publishing, and just about everything in between.



[4:35] The actual journey behind Bookends (hint: it was NOT "I think I'll write a book" and then the book was written).


[7:50] Zibby's "secret weapon" for improving her own writing


[9:02] How rejection before acceptance feels different from 273 rejections before "BUT THEN it was accepted."


[9:58] Handling setbacks and Zibby's "why" that compels her to continue to press on


[13:55] Wisdom on assumptions about how "easy" it is for someone else, and what we need to remember about other people's perspectives


[16:25] How Zibby decided on a unique structure for Bookends (the answer will surprise you, and it isn't exactly what I recommend, but it worked!)


[21:40] The unexpected formation of and mission for her publishing house, Zibby Books



Website: https://zibbyowens.com/

Book: https://www.bookendsmemoir.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zibbyowens/



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