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06: American Idol's Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini became a household name in 2002 as the runner-up in Season 1 of American Idol. From there, he's starred in multiple Broadway shows and, in 2015, began appearing in Diet Dr. Pepper commercials as "Lil' Sweet."

But the road to success has not always been an easy one.

Through the ups, down, and complete direction reversals that the public is often not made aware of, Justin ended up in unexpected territory, fascinated with the ins and outs of what allows entertainers, influencers, and entrepreneurs to be confident in moments when they're feeling anything but.

It's been a journey that led to the creation of his Core Confidence program and his soon-to-be-released book, Unshakeable Confidence.

In this incredible conversation, Justin and I discussed confidence -- that "thing" that every creative person lacks at one point or another, no matter how much success he or she attains!

Interview highlights:

[4:30] Confidence is not necessarily something you’re born with. You don’t “have it” or not. The formula that stands the test of time when it comes to consistent confidence.

[7:28] The non-negotiable component that Justin tags onto the end of the philosophy “Be. Do. Have.” 

[9:59] Are 1500 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets in the hotels of Bel Air really that great? 

[10:23] How confident Justin felt just after the Season 1 finale of American Idol and the news he got from Tina Fey that changed everything

[18:25] The most profound realization Justin had after the mountain on which everything he thought he wanted sat came tumbling down 

[19:20] The true meaning of Followers and Likes

[36:45] The belief that changes everything when people don’t show up to your events

[48:10] The 4 key necessary skills when it comes to building a consistent state of confidence