05: The (Little Known) Quality Most Bestselling Books Have in Common

Being able to claim "bestseller" status is all the rage, but what creates a REAL bestseller? What creates a book that is recommended again and again because it deeply touches the hearts of its readers? What creates a book that truly transforms not only the readers but the author as well? 

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • The major component most TRUE bestsellers have in common (it has nothing to do with title, cover design, or a TikTok influencer endorsement)
  • What all bestselling non-fiction and memoir authors know about their ideal readers
  • Why clarity feels more challenging when writing versus talking (if you feel this way, you're completely normal!) 
  • The phrase that's likely throwing you off and causing you to delay writing (but can actually propel your book writing AND your own growth if you know to listen for it)