Top Insider Strategies to Publishing an Impactful Book




"Your guidance saved me countless hours and thousands of dollars. Thank you!"

--Amy Westbrook 
Author of SOULED OUT: Attain Your Next-Level Life Despite Unexpected Outcomes

"Elizabeth's tips changed the course of my career. I now have 9 published books that can stand on a shelf next to any NYT bestseller."

--J.L. Martin

Author of the Golden Glow Chronicles

In this Training, You Will Discover: 

How to ensure that you're part of the book-publishing-specific 1%
Why you MUST start thinking of your book more like a house (and how doing so will explode the possibilities that come along)

The ONE corner that I never (ever) recommend that you cut when publishing a book.

The simple questions you can ask yourself to ensure that your cover grabs your idea reader's attention
The most important qualities of a relevant, on-brand book title and subtitle (as well as examples that work brilliantly and why)
The importance of back cover copy: What it must do in order to compel the reader to immediately put the book in his or her shopping cart
The BIGGEST myth in circulation when it comes to word count (and what quality is far more important than word count)
Where the money and marketing REALLY is when it comes to traditional publishing deals
…and that’s just for starters!
I guarantee that this training will dispel myths that have kept you stuck, answer questions you think no one else has, and shorten both the timeframe and the overwhelm that come with getting your story out there so it can help others heal and grow.
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PS I never realized how many people believe Myth #7 (talked about in video 3) and how much discovering the truth changes their perspective and approach to publishing their book! I can’t wait to share it with you!