with 6x author Elizabeth Lyons

Your book will be someone else's survival guide or weekend Netflix binge.

(So let's get it written and published already!)

I love group programs and fostering a supportive, creative  author community.


And yet, you might be wanting a different approach. And that's okay!  

My private book coaching program is tailor-made to accommodate your unique needs, transforming your writing journey into an incredible adventure of growth and success. 

The Benefits of Private Coaching 


⭐️ Personalized Guidance

One-on-one support allows aspiring authors to receive personalized guidance tailored to their specific needs and goals. I'm here to provide feedback, offer strategies, and otherwise help you navigate the writing and publishing process.


⭐️ Accountability 

Writing a book can be a daunting task, and private coaching can provide the necessary accountability (and deadlines!) to keep going when you feel like throwing your laptop out the window.  


⭐️ Expertise and Industry Insights

As an experienced author and publishing industry professional, I have valuable knowledge and insights into the writing and publishing process, including book marketing, editing, and self-publishing. This helps authors avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions.


⭐️ Writing Skill Development

I love nothing more than watching authors improve their writing skills and develop their unique writing style as we work together. During our time together, I will provide constructive feedback, suggest writing exercises, and offer techniques to enhance storytelling, character development, and overall writing quality.


⭐️ Overcoming Mindset Challenges

Writing a book brings about various challenges, such as writer's block, self-doubt, and lack of direction. Private coaching provides a supportive environment where aspiring authors can discuss their challenges, brainstorm ideas, and receive guidance on how to overcome obstacles.

I know, no one's ever told you exactly how to consolidate all of your ideas and experiences into a cohesive book.


Add in the fact that you're unclear about how to get a book into the world, and it's easy to put the whole idea aside (again). 

But I'm Curious...


What if someone could synthesize the process into bite-size steps that would allow you to confidently write that first draft without:


❌ paralyzing overwhelm and continuing to wonder, "Should I just [latest google suggestion] instead?" 


❌ feeling unclear about how to best organize all the content you want to share


❌ questioning how your book will be different from all the others written on the same topic (In other words, "How do I stand out?")


❌ continuing to believe that the only way to do this is to carve out hours each day (Got 15-20 minutes a day to spare? Because that's truly all you need.)  



Before I go on, perhaps I should more properly introduce myself...



...and I believe that everyone can learn to LOVE the book writing process (and the incredible personal growth that comes with it!). 


I'm a 6x author, and I've spent the past 19+ years helping countless others master their message and write books that have deeply impacted others while providing amazing opportunities to advance their own careers. 


When my clients work with me, they get so clear on their primary message and the unique experiences and beliefs they’re excited to share that writing their book actually becomes...dare I say! 


I have a holistic approach to book coaching. Yes, I provide you with a process for getting your book written, but I know that a process alone often isn't enough. You'll also likely need someone who can coach you through all the reasons that—even with a process—you'll sometimes get "stuck."


When that happens, you need someone who's helped others navigate what you're experiencing hundreds of times, and can help you bring forth lessons and insights you didn't even realize were within you.  


Because the truth is, writing a book is one of the most vulnerable, healing , and expansive things you'll ever do.  


Honestly, this part of book writing lights me up as much as a brilliantly expressed feeling. Writing a book is a story in and of itself, and you will be amazed by how much more of your own unique brilliance you unlock while going through the process



🙏🏻 Reading through your first draft and getting goosebumps because you know how much it will transform someone else's life as well as open up the kinds of professional opportunities you've been dreaming about


🙏🏻 Waking up to emails and social media messages from readers, thanking you for putting yourself out there and reminding them they aren't alone (or, in the case of fiction, thoroughly entertaining them!).


🙏🏻 Having a book that presents your insights and message with such clarity that you are invited to speak at events and on podcasts, contribute to articles and media segments, and create courses & coaching programs that help others.

Having that level of clarity makes it impossible NOT to own every inch of your story with a level of conviction that previously didn't seem possible.



  • Brain-dumping content ideas (and you have 34 Google Docs to prove it). 


  • Creating an basic outline (which likely feels too short, too basic, or too all-over-the-place)


  • Starting to write the introduction or first chapter, only to quickly begin questioning what you're doing, whether it will be any good, and whether you should just organize the garage instead 



Also, it doesn't have to be this hard to share your experience and perspective with the thousands of people who are hoping that someone just like you writes a book just like the one you want to write. 

You're stuck for one main reason: book writing isn't your area of expertise!


(But it is mine.)


So many of my clients (most of them, in fact) experience this same level of overwhelm and uncertainty before they engage with my signature book-writing process. You are far from alone!


You don't need to put your book idea aside. In fact, please don't.


Because your book will soon be someone else's favorite resource. 



What DOESN'T work


⛔️ "Just do a brain dump over the weekend." 


⛔️ "Focus on hitting a bestseller list. It doesn't even matter how good the book is."  (This is the biggest lie being sold right now.)


⛔️ "Go off the grid for a month and get it done." (Who can even do that?)

What DOES work


✅ Get clarity on what your message is, who it’s for, and how to excitedly write about it 


✅ Be willing to navigate the book-writing process the same way your favorite authors do. (You think they have something you don't. That's not true. They're simply committed to figuring it out. You can be too.)  


✅ Know how to write for YOUR ideal readers so your book becomes their newest Netflix binge


✅ Set aside 15-20 focused minutes per day to write (yes, that's it!)

“I would NEVER have gotten my books finished without Elizabeth. The ROI has been priceless. I never imagined how much a book—done right—would springboard my career. The authority the books have given me and the opportunities that have opened because of it are ones I never could have imagined.”

—Chris Martinez, author of 5 books

“It is amazing when you meet someone who tells your story by moving things around, elaborating on it, and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even remember. Never in my career have I had a partner set an unrealistic goal for themselves and not only hit it but exceed it. In the last two years, I’ve worked with a lot of people on a lot of projects. There are no words for working with this woman. That is how incredible it was.”

—Lisa Copeland

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Janet was struggling to get clear about her ideal reader’s deepest needs and the way she wanted to deliver her unique solutions. We worked through those roadblocks so that she could write and publish Show Up For Yourself

For Deborah, a successful executive coach, writing her book as a vulnerable pursuit. She shared a huge piece of her life that wasn’t the easiest to share. Together, we worked in partnership so that she could write and publish HIGH: A Story of Addiction, Awareness and Ascension

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My private coaching  goes month-to-month

Sometimes, 3-, 6-, or 12-month containers work beautifully. But we're all busy, and it can be challenging to commit to a lengthy program when you aren't confident that you can attend every call or won't be sidetracked by a personal event, family trip, or unexpected fork in the road. So let's make this far easier. 


- If you only need a month of support to get your book on track (or back on track), great! 


- If you're able to get your immediate questions answered and feel more solid in your book project after just two months and feel ready to keep going on your own, great!


- If you get the opportunity to take  an amazing vacation after we've been working together for a month or two, and want to pause coaching so you can be fully present during your trip, great! 


You're always welcome to come back for another month (or more) should you need to. I'll meet you wherever you are (figuratively speaking, of course. Unless you're in Italy. Then perhaps it will be professionally necessary for me to come have coffee with you 😉). 


What's Included?

- A one-hour meeting via Zoom each week for 1:1 support to clarify your message or storyline and remove roadblocks 


- Voxer or text access to me between sessions for those "I have a question!" moments 


- Deadlines, accountability, strategizing, and cheerleading (I don't have pom poms, but if you send them to me, I'll use them).  


- Review and feedback on up to 5,000 words per week 



You can cancel (or restart) at any time.


Email me directly at [email protected] if you're interested in chatting further. I'd love to chat about whether the private coaching program (or any of my other offerings) is the best fit for you so your book can get into the world! 

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Mike had years’ worth of stories and insights, but just couldn’t get them out of his head and organized on paper, even though that’s exactly what he helps his own branding clients do! Over the course of 12 weeks, we got Made Over written (and it ended up being more organized and transformative than he anticipated!).

Jacqueline Hopper was confident in her overall message, and she often delivered it via speaking engagements, but she wasn't sure how to translate speaking to groups to writing her thoughts on paper. She was afraid her enthusiasm and insights wouldn't translate properly. We worked to ensure that her unique voice and message came through loud and clear!

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“Elizabeth was able to effortlessly guide me through the process of understanding and overcoming each and every point of confusion. Her ability to disintegrate the fears I had is more than I had hoped for. Her ability to know what to ask, what to say, and how to respond through this process is breathtaking in its effortlessness. Her understanding of the human condition is awe-inspiring.”

—Alan Bleiweiss