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Book Outlines Made Simple


I’ve never wanted anyone to NOT start working on their book because they had to choose between that and, say, buying their kid new shoes or a uniform so he or she could play soccer.

I want her to buy the damn shoes and then sit on those sidelines with a notebook on her lap, getting the guts of her book organized between shouts of “You’re going the wrong way” and “We KICK the soccer ball, we don’t catch it.” (Just my experience?)

I also want her to be confident that the time she’s spending outlining is “worth it” and that she’s not doing it “wrong.” (Honestly, the only way to do it “wrong” is not to do it at all, but I certainly understand that getting direction from someone who’s done it many, many times is awfully comforting!)


My BOOK OUTLINES MADE SIMPLE workshop for nonfiction or memoir is now pay-what-you-can (starting at just $5).

If someone truly has to choose between prioritizing their kid and prioritizing themselves yet REALLY wants to take the next step in getting their book written, I want to support that.

I trust that the contributions of those with different means (many of whom were no doubt in the same position at some point) will support those who aren’t right now.

Because that’s what’s being built here more than anything — a COMMUNITY, based in story. Where everyone is supported in writing their way through both the beauty AND the shit.

Stories don’t have to wait until everything lines up perfectly. In fact, most of my favorites were written while things WEREN’T lined up very well, because when thoughts and feelings are allowed to bleed onto paper, they change the world, one reader at a time.

So let’s get that book outlined. 

What People Are Saying:

I loved these trainings! They were incredibly helpful. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders!


After completing this workshop, my book is outlined AF.

Dawn M.