12 weeks to  clarify your book's message & write a first draft that gives you goosebumps! 



I know you're a growth-minded coach, healer, or leader who wants to be a bestselling author, seen as an expert who cares about positively impacting others. 


I know you believe that your experiences can make a difference in someone else's life.


I also know that the insights you bring to the world are extremely valuable. More people need to be exposed to them. You deserve to be recognized for your unique wisdom and knowledge. 


In order to do that, you want to write a powerful, persuasive book that stands out from the competition, serves as an invaluable resource for readers, and positions you as the authority you know that you are.

The problem is...

  • You know how to talk about your story on stage or over coffee, but you aren’t confident that it will come across as strongly in writing. 

  • You aren’t sure how to identify your main message, so you worry that the book's content will be all over the place (what I refer to as I-may-actually-have-two-or-three-different-books syndrome). 

  • You start to write the introduction or about a specific experience but quickly begin questioning whether anyone will even read the book...or like it. 

  • You fear that the topic has been covered too many times already...and by some really well-known people. You wonder, "Who am I to compete with that?"

As a result...


🤔 You've started brain-dumping content ideas (and have 34 Google Docs to prove it), but always find a “justifiable” reason to stop (ie, “The attic needs to be organized. Today.").


🤔 You think, “I can do a lot of things, but maybe I’m just not ‘good enough’ to write a book.”  


🤔 You don’t know how to organize your thoughts and experiences, which makes you feel like you don’t have enough of a story to make a measurable impact.


 🤔 You don’t know how to effectively share the details of your story and therefore don’t trust yourself to communicate clearly.


🤔 You fear that readers won’t receive the info the way you intend, and the whole thing may backfire.  


I get it. No one's ever told you exactly how to consolidate all of your ideas and experiences  into a cohesive book and manage the should-I-really-be-doing-this thought patterns that come with it!


I understand the pressure you feel to put your best self forward on paper while not weakening your credibility.


So many of my clients (most of them, in fact) experience this same level of overwhelm and uncertainty. 

What would it look like if someone could synthesize the whole process into simple, bite-size steps that would allow you to confidently create that first draft without:


❌ paralyzing overwhelm


❌ thinking you need to get just one more degree or certification


❌ long nights wondering "But what if..." (and not in a good way!)


It shouldn’t be this hard to share your expertise. You're great at what you do, and you know you can write an impactful book, but you’re allowing fear to get in the way.


It's okay. Book writing isn't your area of expertise!


(But it's mine.)



🙏🏻 Reading through your first draft and getting goosebumps because you know how much it will transform someone else's life as well as your own opportunities


🙏🏻 Waking up to emails and social media messages from readers, thanking you for putting yourself out there and reminding them they aren't alone


🙏🏻 Working with ideal clients you adore every single day who are expanding as a result of you sharing your experiences, insights, and strategies 



...and I believe that everyone can actually ENJOY the book writing process...if only they have an effective process to follow.  


In addition to writing and publishing 5 books of my own, I’ve spent the past 5 years helping hundreds of others master their message and write books that have positively impacted others while advancing their careers. 


When my clients work with me, they get so clear on their primary message and the unique experiences and beliefs they’re excited to share that writing their book actually becomes...dare I say it...fun! 

This is why I created The Book Writing Accelerator

...an intimate 12-week book writing and coaching program that will help you write the first draft of your book—one that stands out from the rest because you're finally clear about how you can uniquely impact the lives of your readers, and that clarity allows you to own every inch of your story with a level of conviction that  previously didn't seem possible.


“I would NEVER have gotten my books finished without Elizabeth. The ROI has been priceless. I never imagined how much a book—done right—would springboard my career. The authority the books have given me and the opportunities that have opened because of it are ones I never could have imagined.”

—Chris Martinez

“Elizabeth was able to effortlessly guide me through the process of understanding and overcoming each and every point of confusion. Her ability to disintegrate the fears I had is more than I had hoped for. Her ability to know what to ask, what to say, and how to respond through this process is breathtaking in its effortlessness. Her understanding of the human condition is awe-inspiring.”

—Alan Bleiweiss

“It is amazing when you meet someone who tells your story by moving things around, elaborating on it, and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even remember. Never in my career have I had a partner set an unrealistic goal for themselves and not only hit it but exceed it. In the last two years, I’ve worked with a lot of people on a lot of projects. There are no words for working with this woman. That is how incredible it was.”

—Lisa Copeland

“Thank you for who you are. I am so encouraged. I have been trying to get started for a year, and after this week I have almost 6,000 words and a lot more clarity. ”

—Becky Daniel

You will walk away with: 



MY EXACT PROCESS for clarifying and sharpening your unique hook so that you can clearly articulate the value of your book and write with enthusiasm, knowing that you are speaking directly to the heads and hearts of your readers in a way that creates true transformation 



A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY, which allows you to stand out from every other expert in your field



  • THE FIRST DRAFT of a powerfully written book that makes you squeal with excitement and pride, and has distinct benefits for your ideal readers 

More Client Experiences

Janet was struggling to get clear about her ideal reader’s deepest needs and the way she wanted to deliver her unique solutions. We worked through those roadblocks so that she could write and publish Show Up For Yourself

For Deborah, a successful executive coach, writing her book as a vulnerable pursuit. She shared a huge piece of her life that wasn’t the easiest to share. Together, we worked in partnership so that she could write and publish HIGH: A Story of Addiction, Awareness and Ascension

Mike had years’ worth of stories and insights, but just couldn’t get them out of his head and organized on paper, even though that’s exactly what he helps his own branding clients do! Over the course of 12 weeks, we got Made Over written (and it ended up being more organized and transformative than he anticipated!).

Jacqueline Hopper was confident in her overall message, and she often delivered it via speaking engagements, but she wasn't sure how to translate speaking to groups to writing her thoughts on paper. She was afraid her enthusiasm and insights wouldn't translate properly. We worked to ensure that her unique voice and message came through loud and clear!

The Book Writing Accelerator is based on my proven W.R.I.T.E. Method™, which tackles three critical (and often overlooked) components of writing a book that creates deep connection with readers and is recommended again and again.




✅ You’re busy as hell


✅ You “aren’t a writer”


✅ You have 857 ideas spinning in your head (at a minimum)


In Our 12 Weeks Together, We Will Cover:

Clarify Your Destination

I will help you get completely clear on why you are writing your book, who you are writing for, and the unique benefits of your book so that you can stand out from other books on the same topic.

Eliminate Distractions

No more procrastination! We will identify and put to rest your unique, cleverly created distractions and "excuses" that tend to get in the way so that you can write without interruption.

Identify Your Hook

Imagine having a succinct answer when someone asks, "What's your book about?" We will discover your book's unique hook so you can confidently answer in 30 seconds (or less).


During integration weeks, we work through any of your lingering questions, concerns, and roadblocks.

Establish Your Pillars

Ready to have a your own signature method (as in, intellectual property you become known for)? Of course you do! This module will get you there! 

Storytelling Masterclass

I'll share my most effective strategies for transformative storytelling. Rest assured, these work even if you believe you aren't a storyteller! 


Illustrate the Path

No more guessing how best to communicate with your readers in order to effectively lead them out of pain and into their purpose. This module tackles how to meet your reader wherever she is. 


During integration weeks, we work through any of your lingering questions, concerns, and roadblocks.

Create Powerful Connection 

Let's make sure that you are the obvious resource for your readers when they're ready to dig deeper. Because sometimes the only thing better than reading the book is working directly with its author!

Powerful Vulnerability™

Powerful Vulnerability™ is the approach that lets you share your scarier moments without weakening your brand. I'll show you how to lead powerfully while showing your readers that you're not that much different from them. 

Content Refining

I'll help you confidently determine which content stays in the book and which content goes so that your book effectively flows and is as impactful as possible. 


During integration weeks, we work through any of your lingering questions, concerns, and roadblocks.

Is the Book Writing Accelerator for you?

This program is perfect for you if...


👍 You have a great story but aren’t sure how to organize it and hone in on your primary message 

👍 You’re willing to be self-empowered for 12 weeks in order to have lasting results

👍 You’re excited about learning to share your experiences through effective storytelling (even if you don’t believe you’re a storyteller). 

It will NOT work for you if...


❌ You’re looking to write a basic book to check the “I did it” box

❌ You want to get rich quick

❌ Your focus is hitting bestselling lists, not making a true impact

❌ You’re still trying to establish the foundation of your coaching process (if your book will complement your coaching practice) 

What makes the Book Writing Accelerator different?


  • I don’t focus on writing a book just to hit a bestseller list for a day—there’s no lasting impact there I believe in the exponential impact writing a book has on both your readers’ growth and yours

  • We put all our effort into writing a first draft. We don’t dilute the process with discussion about publishing or marketing. Because without a solid first draft, the next steps won’t matter. 

What You Get

TOTAL VALUE: $17,500

Plus these Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1

Lifetime access to Publish A Profitable Book, my flagship online course that walks you step-by-step through the book publishing process. This is the exact process I use to publish my own books as well as those of Finn-Phyllis Press authors

(VALUE $1495)

Bonus #2

Lifetime access to From Manuscript to Market. This online course walks you step-by-step through my proven, 12-day book launching system (a system you can use again anda gain to reach new readers)

(VALUE $497)

Bonus #3

Pay-in-full participants will receive a 1-hour one-on-one coaching call with Elizabeth to get even greater clarity on any aspect of the book writing or publishing process they wish to discuss.

(VALUE $1000)

That's a total value of $20,492

Your investment? A fraction of that.


If you’re ready to finally blast through the roadblocks so you can proudly add “published author” to your credentials, Apply Now and let’s get this show on the road! 


Your story matters. I’m here to help you tell it.

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