Ready to get your non-fiction or memoir written & published (without overthinking or costly missteps?)  

This FREE guide from bestselling 5X author Elizabeth Lyons clarifies the 6 critical steps to writing and publishing an impactful book so you can stop overthinking and get your book into the hands of those who are craving it!


Bestselling books are written and published one step at a time.



Let me guess...


You’re determined. Driven. Maybe even a bit stubborn at times. (It takes one to know one!).


You have stories for days about what it took to get where you are (and get back on track when things went south).


You keep saying, “This year, I’m getting my book written and out there.” But every time you sit down to work on it, overwhelm takes over.


Or, maybe you've gotten the book written, but now you're terrified to publish it (and you therefore keep saying, "It's not quite finished yet. I need to review it just one more time."). 


You know your story can impact people. Inspire people. Be an example of what is possible. So why are you so stuck? 


Because writing, publishing, and launching a book is outside your comfort zone.


That's why I'm here!


Despite what you may think, you don't need:


⛔️ a completely unique story (that doesn't even exist) 

⛔️ an astrologically aligned launch date

⛔️ a steady stream of  boundless confidence


And you sure as hell don't need validation from the right people (whoever they are)! 

What you need is guidance from someone who's felt what you're feeling and done what you dream of doing.


Someone who's made her fair share of mistakes and is more than happy to share them with you so you can avoid them! 


I've published 5 books of my own (plus a few dozen for private clients), and I help people just like you write and publish books that stand out, delight readers, and open the doors to endless possibilities.


…even if you’re busy as hell


…even if you have no idea where to start


... even if you're concerned that someone will get upset with you


…even if you don’t think you're a good writer 


If you’ve started and stopped 897 times, I likely know why. I understand the patterns behind what stalled you (and is keeping you stuck there).


I understand the thought processes that are stopping you without you even realizing it (and how to change them-- permanently).


It's time to finally get your book out there so you can make the impact you were designed to make! 

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Jenna McCarthy

"What I love most about Elizabeth is she doesn't put up with any BS. She helps you figure out exactly what's holding you back and then shows you how to take a sledgehammer to writer's block. I can't recommend this course enough."

Author of 17+ books

Deborah G. Edwards

"Working with Elizabeth has been better than I ever expected. She's got a special way of listening and a magic way with words, and she forms a true partnership with her authors."

Author of High

Mike Young

"The framework, coaching, and accountability Elizabeth provides is incredible. She could easily charge 10X what she does for it. Thanks to her, I finally got my book written!"

Author of Made Over