Your Story is Meant to Make an Impact. 

My newest workshop shows you how to erase doubt and overwhelm, debunk the myths that are keeping you stuck, and actually START WRITING your book...

... in just 49 minutes!

You're impact-driven, and you've learned a lesson or two (or nine).


People often ask you, "How did you do that?" or declare, "I have no idea how you got through that!"

In response, you think, "I could talk for days about what worked, what didn't, and what shows to binge when you just don't want to think about it anymore."

You waffle between "I can really help others in this situation" and "Who am I to think I can help others in this situation?"  

You are a why are you unable to take steps forward when it comes to your book? 

You keep thinking about getting it written, but months (or years) have gone by...and you're still just thinking about it. 

You put it on your to-do list--and then conveniently "skip it" each week because something more important comes up (like the next episode of "The Home Edit" or a sudden need to dust the garage). 

You focus almost obsessively on all of the reasons it won't work and yet see others releasing their books, thinking (if not screaming), "I could have written that!"


Sound familiar?

Here's the thing,..

Those lessons you've learned? 

They weren't ever just for you. 

And if you continue to keep them inside by unnecessarily doubting yourself, you're robbing someone else from the value that you were designed to provide them.

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth.

I once had a great idea for a book, no idea where to start, no clue who who read it (given that my only related credential was "just another frazzled mom," and ability to let the idea go!

And now, 5 published books later (with 80,000+ books sold), I help others through the very processes that once eluded me. 

I invite you to join me in my newest on-demand masterclass, WRITE THE DAMN BOOK ALREADY. You will:

  • Erase self-doubt
  • Eliminate all of your "nots"
  • START WRITING your book, and see just how fun, liberating, and inspiring it can be! 

What Participants are Saying...

Marianne Hansen

"Without Elizabeth's direction, I would not have written as much as I did in the last 33 days. The accountability and friendship within the [Facebook] group made all the difference."

-Author of The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger and Better Off Divorced 

Hollie Gyarmati

"I couldn't be happier. The Elizabeth you see online is the Elizabeth guiding you through your everyday tasks as well as the Elizabeth who is there for you when you have questions."

-Author of The Mother of All Makeovers

Mike Young

"The framework, coaching, and accountability Elizabeth provides is incredible. She could easily charge 10X what she does. Thanks to her, I finally got my book written!"

-Author of Made Over