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Writing a book is hard. 

Getting all those thoughts bouncing between brain cells into one concise document is overwhelming.

Wondering whether to reveal a particular portion of your story in full, do so and change names and some details, or leave it out completely is overwhelming.

Worrying that your concepts and chapters won’t properly flow together is overwhelming.

Oh, and This Is Us just premiered, you’re already an episode behind, and you know your best friend will want to discuss it tomorrow so you really need to put the writing off and watch the premier already.

Writing a book is also scary as hell. 

How many times have you told someone that you haven’t yet finished writing your book because “something came up”? That life just “got in the way.”

All the while knowing in your heart that the reality of that “something that got in the way” is nothing more profound than the fact that you’re scared to death to put your words out into the world.

Because once you do, people — both lifelong friends and complete strangers — will be able to judge them.

And you.

And once the words are out there, you can’t take them back.

You look at all of the “successful” authors out there — Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen King, Brene Brown, Ann Lamott, Jen Hatmaker, James Patterson, and on and on.

And you think, “They have something I don’t.”

They have a unique writing ability. Or a deep financial cushion. Or an innate comfort selling their work. Or a traditional publishing house that provides on-call therapy when anxiety strikes.

But here’s the thing: they don’t.

Or, at the very least, at one point they didn’t.

At one point, there were exactly where you are right now.

And I would bet that, many days, they are STILL in that place — only now it’s on full display for the world to see if they allow it to be, much like a Christmas-time window display at the 59th Street Bloomingdales in NYC.

You see, if any of those authors you see as “successful”—whose proverbial shoes you have perhaps dreamed of standing in—had quit any one of the umpteen times they got scared, the world would not know about them.

And while they might look like they have this whole “being an author” thing all figured out, many (if not most) of them would confide that they’re still scared to death each time a new book is released or they get onto a stage in front of a crowd of question-filled fans.

Because each time, there is the potential that they will disappoint someone (or a lot of someones).

Imagine if Elizabeth Gilbert had simply thought, “I think I’ll just keep this whole Eating, Praying, Loving thing to myself.”

Or if J.K. Rowling had decided, “None of these agents thinks this Potter kid is a good concept so it must not be. I’ll just quit.”

Or if Stephanie Meyer concluded, “That dream I keep having about vampires is so fun that I think I’ll just go to bed earlier each night and never let anyone else in on the story. They might think it’s stupid.”

Can you imagine if any one of those authors had simply “given up” any one of the times they got scared?

I think about 2002 when I was getting ready to publish Ready or Not…Here We Come: the REAL Experts’ Guide to the First Year with Twins.

I questioned everything: my credentials, my writing style, my tone, my recommended resources, whether or not to talk about the sleepless nights, all of it.

I worried about whether I’d look (even more) like I’d lost my mind amidst a plethora of sleepless nights, thinking I could make a go of this “being an author” thing.

And I almost quit. Several times.

Had I done so, I wouldn’t have sold 25,000+ copies—before the advent of social media and without a traditional publisher or publicist.

I wouldn’t have secured the resulting speaking gigs or written a second book (or a third).

I wouldn’t have gotten to this point, where I’m loving every minute helping other aspiring writers confidently write and publish their books (and, more importantly, do so for the “right” reasons while avoiding the unfortunate and unnecessary land mines I walked right into—multiple times).

I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I wouldn’t be writing my 4th and 5th books as well as the 3rd edition of the first.

I wouldn’t be loving what I do while doing what I love.

I was scared to death, but I did it anyway.

And now, it’s my great pleasure to walk beside you when YOU are scared to death and remind you that you can do it anyway.

Feel the Fear. Do It Anyway. 

That’s what will separate you from the masses in the end.

85% of people want to write a book. Only 1% of them every do.

I’m here to make sure you are in the 1%—on your timetable and your terms.

You will put one foot in front of the other in front of the other in front of the other and, before you know it, you will have walked 1000 miles (and be holding a published book in your hands as well).





Write Your Damn Book Already!

A Simple 6-Step System for Entrepreneurs

It's Free!
100% privacy guaranteed. Pinky swear.