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If you’ve ever caught yourself saying, “I’ll be successful/happy when…”, this audiobook is for you.

This honest, practical, entertaining guide to navigating the beautiful (and sometimes murky) world of entrepreneurship helps you:

  • Go from needing constant certainty and validation in your business to being comfortable taking risks and trusting in your ability to make the right decisions for you
  • Remove the pressure of how things “should” be and instead unlock consistent confidence and peace, knowing that everything is unfolding in your favor
  • Uncover what deeply fulfilled top industry brands know about how to use their time and energy in order to consistently grow without burnout

Podcast Starter Pack

This straightforward, no-fluff guide enables you to start your author podcast in just a few days by providing you with everything you need to get that podcast launched without overwhelm or overthinking (and for under $100)!

*** I N C L U D E S ***

📌 90-MINUTE PODCAST WORKSHOP (on-demand video) 

🎧 5 creative ways to keep your podcast interesting

🎧 Effective episode planning strategies for newbies and experienced interviewers alike (plus the ideal frequency for releasing podcasts)

🎧 Exactly what recording equipment you need (you’ll get the links to all the equipment I use)

🎧 Surefire (and slightly unorthodox) tips for finding and approaching potential guests 

🎧 Elizabeth's simple podcast editing tips (no outsourcing required!) 

🎧 Creative ways to monetize your podcast (even when you have an audience of...3)


Includes Pages for:
- Planner cover
- Podcast topic brainstorming
- Episode topic brainstorming
- New guest connection tracker
- Episode structure
- Podcast intro template
- Podcast outro template
- Podcast monthly plan
- Podcast weekly plan
- Podcast interview plan
- Podcast notes & to-dos
- To-do list
- Upcoming episode notes & links
- Quarterly podcast goals
- Podcast stats tracker
- Monthly stats tracker
- Podcast checklist (blank and pre-filled with my own checklist tasks)
- Podcast expense tracker
- 2024 monthly and weekly podcast schedule


- podcast intro

- podcast outro

- episode notes

- email automation setup

- email templates to automatically instruct guests as well as confirm and remind guests of booking


- podcast covers

- podcast episode graphics

- podcast clips graphics (for solo and guest episodes)

- podcast intros for stories and/or carousel posts

*All templates can be easily converted to different sizes for Reels, Stories, and other post types

Upon purchase, you will be able to immediately download the PDF instruction guide which has a direct link to the workshop and all templates (on both Canva and Google Docs for easy copy/paste).

If you have a problem accessing your digital file, please contact me and I will help you navigate a solution!

**Once purchased you will receive a permanent PDF to download. Therefore, no refunds or cancellations can be offered.

What People Are Saying:

Yours are the only workshops I attend that I actually follow up with afterwards!

Your information is always well laid out and not too much to digest. I never leave feeling like I have 47 more to dos than I did before it started, and that makes it palatable.

Elizabeth is incredibly engaging and concise while still being wildly informational, fun, and, most importantly, actually helpful.