$49.00 USD

Social Media for Authors Workshop (Replay)

The replay of this value-packed 90-minute workshop with Jenn Hanson-dePaula (co-founder of Mixtus Media), will show you:

  • How to choose the best platform (no, you DON’T have to be everywhere!)
  • The most important goal when it comes to growing and sustainable momentum as an author (no, it’s not follower count) 
  • Common mistakes to avoid 
  • One (truly easy) aspect of IG most people are sleeping on 
  • Secret strategies of the rich and famous (that was purposely over the top, but seriously, we’ll uncover what “secret weapons” successful authors are using to generate more fans and sell more books 
  • How to create a content strategy that feels good (and doesn’t require 8 hours a week to plan and execute!) 
  • Unique content ideas to spark your creativity 
  •  A cheat-sheet of authors to follow for inspiration! 

[*There are no refunds once purchased]