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Nervous System Regulation

Have you ever freaked out about writing a book, publishing a book, or marketing a book? 

When we're thinking about writing the book, we freak out.

😳 What am I doing?

😳 Who am I to do this? 

😳 I'm not a writer! 

 When we're ready to publish, we freak out again.

😳 It's really going to be out there?

😳 What if people don't like it?

😳 What if people DO like it and I have to stand in front of people

 When it comes time to market, we freak out (yet again). 

😳 I don't like selling stuff. 

😳 I don't know what to say in posts or emails.

😳 Do I have to stand in front of people and...TALK?

Rachel Friedman is a somatic therapist who has spent the last 20+ in the wellness industry helping people create transformation in their thoughts, behaviors, and actions so they can hit their desired goals.

During this 90-minute workshop, Rachel teaches you how to tap into your subconscious so you can better understand what it’s trying to communicate through your body (and learn how to tune into it so you can stop freaking the hell out!).

Rachel’s programs start at $6k, so to be able to experience her knowledge and tools for this price is a complete gift. She helps me calm my own nervous system weekly, so I can speak first-hand to her skill in this area.


  • Breath work and meditation practices to get your brain into an “It’s that time” mindset
  • A better understanding of how to effectively recognize and respond to your inner critic in order to allow your unique voice and perspective to come through
  • New tools for managing feelings of compare and despair as an author
  • Ways to shift moments of wondering Who Am I to write this book to confidently stating I Am The Person to Write this book!

[*You will receive instant access after purchase. There are no refunds once purchased.]