$49.00 USD

Workshop Replay: Creating Irresistible Pre-Order and Post Pub Incentives with Mary Belle

 During this 90-minute workshop with novelist Mary Belle, we cover: 
  • ⭐️ The benefits (and surprising perks) of offering tailored pre-order packages for fiction, nonfiction, and memoir (whether you're indie or traditionally published)

    ⭐️ Top tips for setting up pre-orders on your website (without overwhelm or excessive swearing)

    ⭐️ How to accept pre-order payments

    ⭐️ How (and where) to source pre-order products as well as intangible bonuses (in other words, no upfront purchase from you is required) readers will love

    ⭐️ Pointers for elevating your customers' pre-order experience with custom packaging

    ⭐️ Calculating costs (and returns) on your pre-order promotions

    ⭐️ Recommendations for identifying a solid pre-order audience (even if you think only your mom and best friend will get in on this!)

[*There are no refunds once purchased]