H O W  I T  W O R K S 

First, a bit about our vision and values. Our manifesto, if you will, as a book publisher.

We believe that every story matters. 

We believe that the smallest moments of connection create the widest reaching ripple effect of change. 

We believe that book publishing doesn't have to be overwhelming, feel high-pressure, or take years to complete.

We believe that authors deserve to earn a fair profit -- it's your story, after all! 

We believe that 100% of the rights to your story are your own (and should remain that way). 

We believe that while most stories aren't, in and of themselves, completely unique, no one else has your exact perspective or experience, and that is your superpower.  

We believe in partnerships. This isn't our first rodeo (although, in full transparency, we've never been to an actual rodeo), and it is our privilege to guide our authors every step of the way. We are proud of our no-tears-or-panic-attacks policy. 

We believe in the bells and whistles that help our clients increase their impact---and leave the ones that don't in the metaphorical slush pile. 

We don't have an actual slush pile. 

Our goal is simple: help you tell your story in a powerfully vulnerable way, publish it so that it can sit next to any New York Times bestseller in terms of quality, and support you as you continue to reach the readers who are desperate to hear what you (and you alone) have to say.

Are you with us so far? If so, let's talk about what's next... 

Finn-Phyllis Press operates under an author-contribution model. This means that our authors make an investment to have a professional cover design, interior formatting, ISBNs assigned for both eBook and paperback versions of their book and full upload to Amazon (and, when applicable, IngramSpark) for distribution.

When necessary, we can also partner with you as your editor to get your manuscript polished and positioned to make the greatest impact possible.  

What we don't do is hold your book hostage on the backend. You will own ALL RIGHTS to your work, and 100% of your monthly royalties go directly into our authors' bank accounts, not ours.

Whenever authors want to purchase copies of their book at their true author pricing (no markup from us), they can order them quickly and easily via their own Amazon or IngramSpark portal.  

In the end, our goal is the same as yours: to help you get your book written, published, and to market where you have full control over its ability to make the impact it's destined to make. 


"Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable, supportive, and hard-working resource in the indie publishing space. I highly recommend her."

-Jenna McCarthy, co-author of The Size of Everything (and 16 other books)

B O O K  C O A C H I N G 

Get the personalized guidance and direction you need to get you from blank page or book in complete limbo to a manuscript ready to be edited.

Whether you need just one session to get unstuck or a package of sessions to go from first word to The End, we're ready to help! 



A full developmental edit will ensure that your message is polished and easy to follow. Even if you're "not a writer," our editing services will keep your secret while keeping your voice intact (In other words, if someone reads your book and then meets you at Starbucks, you'll be exactly what they expect).



We provide everything needed to get your book from an edited manuscript to a published eBook and paperback, setup to be available for purchase via all major retailers. Considering an audiobook version? Not to worry; we've got you covered. 


L A U N C H I N G 

Our proven (and repeatable) 12-day launch plan gives you a step-by-step plan to hit the market with a strong foundation for maximum reach. Want to hit national bestseller lists (Wall Street Journal, USA Today)? We can help with that as well.  


Your life as a published author awaits! 

We'd love to learn more about you, your story, and your goals as an author.